What are Google Search Options?

What are Google Search Options? How to make the best search on Google How to use Google advanced search? All methods for easier search and finding what you are looking for are in our article… One of the most important methods of accessing information today is to use the Google search engine. Although it offers […]

How to open Opera Turbo Mod?

Opera on Chrome, Firefox, the most widely used internet browser Opera after Safari What is turbo modWhat does Turbo mo do? How to turn on turbo mod The answers to the questions are in our article. What is Opera Turbo Mod? It takes a certain period of time until the page you click on a […]

How to turn off Windows 10 Screen Saver?

You can follow the procedures in our article to turn the Windows 10 screen saver on and off. On Windows 10 operating systems, you can follow the illustrated explanation below to turn screen saver on or off. If you are using a device connected to your corporate or corporate account, your screen saver settings may […]

How to Delete Membership from Owner?

Turkey’s most popular e-commerce platform Sahibinden.co I to delete your membership Delete account from owner You can find the steps in our article. When you close your account from Sahibinden.com; Your membership cannot be reactivated. All of your live ads will be unpublished. If you have an advertisement that you are using doping, no fee […]

How to add Music to Facebook Profile?

You can add your favorite songs to your facebook profile using the Music tab on the Facebook profile page. Add Music to Facebook Profile Android and iOS Open the Facebook app on your device. Profile Touch the icon to go to the profile tab. Scroll down the page a little and Music Tap. Located in […]

New iPhone Deals after the recent hikes

New after the last hikes iPhone prices (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR) and Apple Pencil, you can find the increase in the prices. Apple did raise the price Turkey. As of July 1, 2020, the US-based company has increased the prices of iPhone models by up to 10 percent. […]

Top 5 Instant Cameras

Instant camera those who are thinking of buying here! We brought together the top 5 of the new trend instant cameras that attract everyone from 7 to 70. Instant cameras provide the basically captured photo to be handled instantly. In other words, after taking a photo, it also prints it. Polaroid cameras have a different […]

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