Celebration for Valentine’s Day 2022 in the USA with free HD images and GIF

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Celebration for Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. All lovers around the world are waiting for this day to celebrate love with their lovers. I wish their partner with various gifts and surprises throughout the week of Valentine. Valentine’s week consists mainly of Rose Day, Proposal Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day and Valentine’s Day independently.

Although this post does not contain many excerpts that you can use to wish your lover, but it is an informative post that will help you gather some information about this historic event.


This does not mean that Valentine’s Day started αλλά .. but it does mean that millions of people around the world plan or pre-celebrate this day. All over the world, including the US, we especially celebrate this day from the other days of Valentine’s Day.
give their loved one a face with beautiful roses, sometimes teddy bears, chocolate or a kiss. These wishes and surprises strengthen their bonds of love and make the coming days special.

The role of chocolates:

Chocolates are very special all over the world. In western countries, such as the United States, classic chocolates are very popular…. Not only girls but also chocolates are very popular with boys. Especially some classic dark chocolates are more popular here.
But in eastern countries like Japan, China, Thailand…. There are several types of chocos available.
Just check this information:


It usually means being for bosses, colleagues, male friends … it means friendship.
“GIRI” means obligation .. therefore, this Giri Choco has no romance.
(so if in Japan you adore a girl and she gives you Giri Choco .. so it’s a little disappointing ..)

this Honmei Choco represents love … used for friends .. lovers or spouses.
Japanese women are very strong in the case of honmei Choco .. they did it by hand, instead of buying it from a ready-made store.
They believe that showing love with gifts is possible only when gifts are made with hard work.
although the shops are full of different types and shapes of chocolates (including your favorite heart-shaped ones).

History or origins of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day was named after a famous Roman saint, ST.VALENTINE.
there is a lot of theory about its history. It is common that he was a priest from Rome in the 3rd century AD. Rome
Emperor Claudius II believed that marriage destroys the power of the soldier. So he forbade the soldier’s marriage. But St. Valentine was always against this rule. the powerful priest believed that true love never undermines the power of anyone, but in fact love has the greatest power that empowers all.
So he started the secret marriage of the soldiers and broke the rule.
but when Clausius found out that Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.
Eventually there he fell in love with the prisoner’s daughter but he could never tell her. When she got him killed on February 14, he sent her a love letter with the signature “FROM YOUR VALENTINE” …. And the story began ..

Celebration for Valentine’s Day:

So, since I wished all these days, finally the day has come…. Yes, Valentine’s Day ,,,, many lovers around the world celebrate this day in many ways. In the USA. lovers gather or swim… they can dine and enjoy a night out with their valentine.
What do you like best: party or dinner ……. simple Gather or stick to a beautiful place? .. comment below….

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