Funny Happy New Year 2024 Messages, Memes, Images

Everyone loves a good Happy New Year 2024 funny message, congratulations, or video. When you look at or see these fun New Year photos and photos on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, your day is sure to be bright.

Instead of posting the usual ‘Happy New Year 2024’ greeting or message, why not like it and set a funny wallpaper on your screen or a wacky message and image for friends and family? Check out our guide to the fun New Year pictures, quotes, and notes below.

Funny Happy New Year 2024 messages, Wishes and Statuses

Here are funny and lighthearted New Year’s messages for 2024:

  1. Here’s to another year of new adventures, laughter, and making mistakes! Happy New Year 2024!
  2. New year, new me, still as weird as can be! Happy 2024!
  3. 9…8…7…6…ugh, is 2022 over yet? Let’s just skip to 2024! Happy New Year!
  4. Cheers to 2024! But first, coffee.
  5. Out with the old, in with the new, laugh more, stress less! Happy New Year 2024!
  6. All I want for New Year’s is a nap, a snack and world peace. Is that too much to ask? Happy 2024!
  7. My 2023 resolution was to stop procrastinating. I’m gonna start that next year for sure! Happy New Year 2024!
  8. Goodbye 2023 calories, hello 2024 calories! Happy New Year!
  9. My NY resolution is to stop lying to myself that I’m going to make NY resolutions. Happy New Year 2024!
  10. Wishing you good vibes, good fortune, and good wine for the new year! Happy 2024!
  11. I’m so excited to repeat all my mistakes from last year, only with more enthusiasm. Happy New Year!
  12. Out with the old me, in with the new me. Well, same old me, same old issues. But Happy New Year anyway!
  13. Here’s to more bad decisions that lead to great memories in 2024! Happy New Year!
  14. Cheers to another year of winging it and hoping for the best! Happy 2024!
  15. New Year’s 2024: Another 365 opportunities to eat cake. I’m in!
  16. My NY resolution is 1080p – I’m increasing my resolution in 2024.
  17. I already gave up on my new year’s resolution. Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow for 2024?
  18. I’m ready for 2024 – bring it on! But first, let me take a nap.
  19. May all your troubles last as long as my new year’s resolutions. Happy 2024!
  20. This year I resolve to be more optimistic by ignoring reality. Happy New Year!
  21. 2023: The year I ran out of creativity. 2024: Let’s recycle some jokes! Happy New Year!
  22. Ready or not, 2024, here I come! Just let me finish my afternoon nap first.
  23. My New Year’s resolution is to put my phone down and be present… Starting tomorrow. Happy 2024!
  24. Here’s to having lower expectations for 2024 after how 2023 went! Happy New Year!
  25. New year, same old habits. See you at the gym tomorrow (AKA my couch). Happy 2024!
  26. May your 2024 be filled with peace, love and wifi!
  27. Out with the old, in with the new. Except for my granny panties – those things are timeless. Happy 2024!
  28. This New Year’s I resolve to spend less. Okay, who are we kidding, I’m totally failing at this resolution already. Happy 2024!
  29. Here’s to another year of avoiding exercise and eating cupcakes! Happy 2024!
  30. 2023: The year I ran out of motivation. 2024: Let’s give up on resolutions by Jan 10!
  31. New Year’s resolution: Ctrl + Z to undo 2023. Happy 2024!
  32. If 2023 was vanilla, here’s hoping 2024 is spicy! Happy New Year!
  33. New Year, New Me! JK, I’m still a hot mess. Happy 2024!
  34. My 2024 resolution is to stop lying when I say “next year will be MY year!” Happy New Year!
  35. May all your troubles last as long as my 2024 resolutions. Happy New Year!
  36. 2024 goal: less drama, more llama. Happy New Year!
  37. Here’s to having lower expectations for 2024 after how 2023 went! Happy New Year!
  38. Out with the diet, in with the cupcakes. Happy New Year 2024!
  39. My NY resolution is to become a morning person…but not this morning. Happy 2024!
  40. Wishing you an awesometastic 2024! Now let’s eat, drink and be silly!

Hilarious New Year Wishes for Best Friends

  • Cheers to another year of oversharing, under-exercising, and true friendship! Wishing my bestie a funny and fabulous 2024!
  • Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes, making bad decisions, and having zero regrets together. Love you, bestie! Happy Hilarious 2024!
  • Wishing my partner-in-crime a New Year filled with good wine, great food, belly laughs, inside jokes, and making memories we’ll never remember. Happy 2024, favorite weirdo!
  • Let’s get crazy, dance in public, sing in the car, take too many pictures, and make this New Year everything 2023 wasn’t! Love ya, bestie! Happy 2024!
  • New Year’s resolution: spend more time with my favorite weirdo. Oh wait, I can do that every day! Here’s to another year of random adventures and way too many selfies. Happy 2024, soul sister!
Happy new year funny wishes for friends
Happy new year funny wishes for friends
Funny happy new year wishes in gif moving meme
Funny happy new year wishes in gif moving meme

Funny Happy New Year 2024 images, Memes

Happy new year 2023 funny watch hd
Happy New Year 2023 Funny Rats
Happy new year 2023 funny kid
Happy new year 2023 funny hd
Happy new year 2023 funny monkey hd

Happy New Year 2024 funny FAQS

What is a New Year 2024 fun message?

In a Happy New Year 2024 funny message, the theory will make you smile, laugh, or shed tears as soon as you see it, read it or see it. Humor is not easy, but there are funny jokes, pictures and videos that cater to a wide audience. In fact, the easier the joke, the better the audience or recipient’s response. Such New Year greetings are shared among close friends, brothers and sisters, and even colleagues and casual acquaintances.

Look for fun Happy New Year messages to send to your college friends, your children or your neighbors? The good thing is that there are too many LOLs, or loud laughing material on the Internet. If you share the same taste as the recipient, the one that boggles you should be enough to send. Remember though, that not everyone can prepare for this, so choose wisely and start sending New Year messages!

Funny animated gif happy 2023
Funny animated gif happy 2024

Why send a new year message?

A funny message about New Year 2024 can make people smile and feel better. You will laugh, relax and maybe set your mind to send an equally fun greeting or SMS. It can be so inspiring that you will want to make the New Year’s resolution right then and there.

You see, there are so many benefits about such a happy new year, both for fun and for the excitement of the coming year. It is a statement that people should expect that 2024 is a brand new year, full of potential, promises and things.

How can I send a fun New Year message?


Want to send a fun ‘Happy New Year’ to all your friends and loved ones? easy. This will really depend on the content you are sending, eg, SMS, status, image, wallpaper, greeting or video. Almost everything can be sent via a smartphone, but if you have that then you should have no problem. For example, videos can be sent or shared on social media, eg, Facebook, Instagram, etc., while photos and wallpapers can be sent through any picture message or chat app.


I can’t choose between two new year wishes. help!


We understand the pain of choosing between two fun greetings or videos, but in the end you have to choose one. Try to consider one in terms of fit – would the recipient find this video fun? Is this a fair joke? The funny New Year message should eclipse at least one smile, or you may have sent a non-mockery. If after some time and you still can’t decide, do it- flip a coin and the head gets video A, or work ‘eeni meeni mini mo’ and just send your finger to the ground.


Can I make it even funnier?

Sure. You can add a meme to the bottom of the image, or attach a ‘PS’, where you can put an inside joke or anything that both of you find entertaining. Just make sure you put it in the photo or send the message as soon as you make fun of Happy New Year 2024.

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