Valentine’s Day 2021


Valentine’s Day is an event celebrated around the world to celebrate the love between lovers. It is also known as Valentine’s Day. Celebrated of course on the 45th day of the year, February 14th.
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Celebration detail in 2021:

Valentine’s Day 2021 is on Thursday (14/02/2021),

Events for Valentine’s Day:

Mostly this day was celebrated by western countries. But now it has spread to eastern countries. In the United States of America many club parties and celebrations are used in large numbers. Many trading companies take full advantage of this day as people use it to give various gifts to their lovers.
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But now Eastern countries like China and Japan are also celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own way. In these countries this day is celebrated in a different way. There are girls who gave their boyfriend presents (mostly chocolates),
There are two special chocolates called GIRI-choco and HONMEI-choco.
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And as a gift for this boy, they also give their beloved girl a lot of presents on a day called White Day.
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About the story of Valentine:

One believes that the first day of Valentine was incorporated in 496 AD. by Pope Gelasios. There are many victims called Valentine, but none of them are related to love. But in the 14th century there is a valentine associated with love. And the tradition of Valentine’s Day began with the specific day of Valentine.
Another believes that Valentine’s Day began with a saint named Valentine in Rome who disagreed with the rule of Emperor Claudius II. As a result, Valentine was ordered to be killed.
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