LOVE is an expression that can hardly be expressed. Love is an expression that includes many impressions. Love is one of the strongest emotions that can lead anyone to do something extraordinary.
Love is the cause of many important events in our lives … such as success, “happy”, “celebration”, reproduction or even death.
This post discusses a little about love .. another part will be discussed later in another post.


There is a famous quote that “there is a woman behind every successful man”. And .. yes it is true, a successful life is always a gift of love. But the quote always applies to women.
You may be wondering how love helps a person succeed ….
Essentially, as we all know that Love is an emotion … but in fact love is more than an emotion .. in case of feeling love, a chemical called DOPAMINE secret from the brain that makes us happy.
Unlike other emotions, love has a special power that motivates us, inspires us to make great moves. But the power of love can only be felt when love is true.
now the question is “what is true love?”

true love

So it is such a difficult question …. almost no one can answer it … because love is like a sweet … so a person who has never felt love before almost knows about the feeling.
But if you define it … it’s something that makes you complete. Yes, true love always makes you complete …. so whenever you feel complete with someone or you are completely satisfied with someone .. it means that there is true love. True love always makes you free … and independent.
Remember that many relationships often fail because of excessive constraints that break honesty and care.

For another example, Love is like a relationship between the stars and is light. The origin of light is a star … if there are no stars .. hardly there is any light … and the star is also imperfect without its own light …

but … every true love is not divine … but divine love is not only true but eternal “


Divine love is the love that God has with you … I think there can be anyone in the world who is with divine love. Divine love is love without any expectations …. Divine love is the relationship where only satiesfaction is not allowed … this love is another form of service to anyone without any kind of manifestation (including satiesfaction).
so it’s a little hard to figure it out.

I wish you like this post … and memorize all your knowledge about love. Please share and comment your views below.

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