Protein Shaker Bottle Mockup Free Download

Protein Shaker Bottle Mockup Free Download |

A bottle of protein shaker is a healthy way to mix protein shakes on the fly. The most important feature is the mixer, the rays inside the shaker or the devices in the lid. These mixers help combine the protein powder with a liquid and break up the lumps to create a smooth drink. Never go to the gym and training center and what you thought was one of the best protein shaker flasks imaginable.

Today, we share the Protein Shaker bottle model that helps you achieve the same result so you can present your bottle packaging in style. This PSD layout will give your product a realistic look and your customer will understand and visualize the design of your bottle label. Smart-layer is provided in this model to get an impeccable result for your designs. This model is free and also comes with a transparent background. So you can change or modify the background according to your needs.

We hope you will like it and enjoy it!


File type: Psd

Smart-layer: yes

Dimensions: 2000 × 2000 pixels

Mockup file format: WinRar

Mockup file extract only with: WinRar

Size of the template file: 7.63 MB

Designed by: Pixaroma


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