What is WhatsApp Business Shopping Button and how to use it?

Social media platforms, which are spreading rapidly all over the world, have become indispensable for their users. Thanks to the new features developed in the field of social media, users and businesses can make sales for their own business areas and provide additional income.

WhatsApp is a secure application, apart from its ease of messaging and sharing, and it is highly appreciated by its users and allows it to reach wider audiences.

WhatsApp, which is almost the most used social media platform in the world, continues to offer convenience to its users with its new features.

It has brought a new updated feature for WhatsApp Business. With the social media platforms used around the world, users, especially business owners, are progressing in today’s conditions by selling through their social media accounts.

This feature seems to be important and useful largely for businesses. Businesses will be able to convey the details of their product information to their customers thanks to the shopping button just above the chat window, which has been newly added to WhatsApp Business.

By using this feature of WhatsApp, users will have the opportunity to easily access the catalogs of their businesses.

Thanks to this feature, businesses have the opportunity to add product images, product names, product prices and product descriptions to their product catalogs.

With this feature of WhatsApp, businesses will provide website service.

The WhatsApp Businees shopping button is located in the upper right corner of our chat window. By touching the box in this area, we can easily access the catalogs of the businesses and access detailed product information.

He recently published a video on How to use the shopping button in WhatsApp Businees on Youtube.

In the description of the video, he explains how the Shop button makes it easier for customers to access our products and services.

As a note, there is a statement that please note that this service may not be available to you yet.

The application feature is considered as a reliable and convenient alternative that can be used for business accounts.

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