How to Use Spotify Only You

Spotify Only You made it available to all its users. Well What’s Spotify Just You, How to use Spotify Only You?

Just you (Only You) is a sharable, story-driven setup whose daily updates allow you to monitor various aspects of your streaming behavior as you do at the top of your Instagram feed.

Spotify Only You You can create personalized playlists with its feature. Spotify Just you The feature compares all the songs and artists you’ve listened to. By analyzing your musical taste your own playlist presents.

How to use Spotify Only You

When entering the application on the home page ‘Only You’ feature available; the artist you listen to the most Your sun sign As an artist, choose the artist that most appeals to your emotional or vulnerable side. your moon sign as well as an artist you have recently discovered. your ascendant shows as.

How to Use Spotify Only You

  1. Spotify Open the app and log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  2. If you haven’t seen Just You before, it will automatically open on the homepage.
  3. Below the search bar, you should see a popup labeled “Learn how you listen.”
  4. Your personalized playlist will start playing. Wait for the pages to go through or tap the right side of the screen to advance.
  5. When you’re done, each page in the Only You slideshow will be shown to you. Tap Share at the bottom of any page and send it to a friend or other app.
  • Star Map of My Music: My Music Star Map is brought to life based on the artists users listen to. Sun Sign: The artists you listened to the most in the last six months. Moon Sign: The artist who shows your emotional and sensitive side the best among those you listen to. Ascendant Sign: The artist you discovered most recently.
  • My Dream Dinner: Three artists you want to invite to your dream dinner. Once you’ve made your selection, Spotify offers personalized mood-based customization for each artist. Spotify Mix will create playlist.
  • Artist Duo Telling Me: Unique audio matches you’ve listened to recently that provide clues about your listening inclinations. For example, who else listens to “Greta Van Fleet” right after Olivia Rodrigo?
  • My Listening Experience Over Time: Your musical journey between different eras.
  • Moments That Tell Me: Music and podcast content you listen to early in the morning or late at night.
  • Types That Tell Me: Types of music and podcasts that make you who you are based on your listening habits.

This feature also gives you an idea of ​​music from certain years you stream frequently, music or podcasts you listen to frequently at a certain time of day, your unique mix of genres/topics, and more.

As part of the Just You campaign, Spotify is introducing a new personalized feature called Blend. Currently in beta, Blend is a brand new feature that allows two friends to combine their musical tastes in a single custom-made playlist.

We are here with the Top 5 Spotify Alternative Apps from popular music platforms. For those who are bored with Spotify in this article We’ll take a look at free apps like Spotify.

Frequently asked questions about Spotify Only You

What is Spotify Just You?

Just You (Only You) is a shareable, story-driven setup that lets you monitor various aspects of your streaming behavior as you do daily updates at the top of your Instagram feed.

What does Spotify Just You do?

With Only You feature, you can create personalized playlists. Spotify’s Only You feature compares all the songs and artists you’ve listened to. It analyzes your music taste and offers you a special playlist.

Last Updated: June 3, 2021

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