How to Close Binance Account❓

How to close binance account❓

How to close Binance account by following the steps in our article Close your Binance account permanentlyyou can.

Close your Binance accountdirectly so that you can Binance account deletion link does not exist. Binance account closure You can easily perform your transactions on the Binance website or the Binance application with just a few clicks.

How to close Binance account❓

Binance account deletion If you have any assets in your wallets before starting the transaction, please complete the withdrawal first.

  • Open the Binance App.
  • Enter the Account section by tapping the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • Security come to the part Deactivate Account Click the link.

If you want to reopen your account after deactivation Binance Support You need to contact.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can Binance account be deleted?

You can easily delete a Binance account either on the Binance website or on the Binance app.

Will the deleted Binance account be reopened?

For the deleted Binance account, if you want to reopen your account after it has been deactivated, you must contact Binance Support.

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