14 Best Apple Watch Games

14 best apple watch games

With 14 of the best Apple Watch games, you can solve puzzles, play arcade games, and have fun with your watch.

14 Best Apple Watch games

From interactive fiction to brain teasers and arcade classics, games you can enjoy on your Apple Watch.

Pocket Bandit

In Pocket Bandit, you take on the role of a thief who breaks the safe. The game uses haptic feedback when you’re close to cracking the code to let you know at what point you touched the screen and did everything again.

Download: Pocket Bandit

Trivia Crack

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Just like Trivial Pursuit, the game poses questions from a number of categories that you must answer using multiple choice answers. Trivia Crack for Apple Watch puts the action on your wrist so you can play anytime, anywhere.

Download: Trivia Crack

Lifeline: Besides You in Time

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Continuing the long and popular series, you can start the text-based adventure on your iPhone or iPad and switch to the Apple Watch.

Download: Lifeline: Besides You in Time

Par 72 Golf Watch

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Par 72 Golf Watch is a fast paced golf game for Apple Watch featuring three courses in mountain, desert and beach environments.

Download: Par 72 Golf Watch

Twisty Color

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Your fun is at hand with the new game Twisty Color for your Apple Watch! Place the Twister on the right to collect as many balls as possible and compete on the global Game Center leaderboard!

Download: Twisty Color

Wrist Nebula

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Go to the stars in the war adventure game Wrist Nebula. You will save asteroids, ships and bosses in the galaxy with unique ships and abilities.

Download: Wrist Nebula

Infinity Loop: Blueprints

14 Best Apple Watch Games

In a simple and relaxing puzzle game, you’ll select different pieces with a tap on the screen and then rotate them using the Digital Crown. You will try to create an infinity loop.

Download: Infinity Loop: Blueprints

Tiny Armies

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Tiny Armies is both an Apple Watch and an iPhone game. The wearable version lets you wage epic (if simplified) battles from the comfort of your wrist as you swipe the screen to conquer enemies, navigate lakes, and traverse mountains and forests.

Download: Tiny Armies

A Tiny Game of Pong

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Transform the Digital Crown into a precision paddle controller with this wrist-sized version of the original arcade and console classic.

Download: A Tiny Game of Pong


14 Best Apple Watch Games

Bricks is a fun retro escape game. Use the Digital Crown to move your paddle on Apple Watch! Hit the ball with your paddle and destroy all the blocks to explore other levels! Compete for high scores and relive the 70s in this classic brick breaking game!

Download: Bricks

Tap Master

14 Best Apple Watch Games

While the basics of Tap Master are simple, it’s a really challenging Apple Watch game that makes great use of the device’s haptic capabilities.

When the circle is over the target, you will try to touch it at the right time. Close the rings and reach the target score to advance to the next level.

Download: Tap Master


14 Best Apple Watch Games

All you have to do is follow the rules to win in this clever puzzle game. You will test your memory, perception and even your reflexes as you play through challenging levels.

After solving a puzzle, proceed to the next level, keeping in mind the rule of the previous puzzle.

Download: Rules!

Star Duster

14 Best Apple Watch Games

Refreshingly vibrant 80s LCD challenge on both wrist and phone

Download: Star Duster


14 Best Apple Watch Games

There are seven different games to choose from, including Dice, Marks, Numbers and Colors.

Download: Brainess

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