How to Learn the Model of the Motherboard in the Computer?

Motherboard is the name given to electronic circuits that host computer parts and the paths that allow data transmission between these parts. the computer Learning motherboard model it is quite simple. The motherboard is a hardware component that carries the entire load of our computer. All computer components must be compatible with our motherboard.

You will pack a new computer or replace your existing motherboard Things to consider when buying a motherboard we recommend you to read our article.

Learning motherboard model (No Program)

  • Windows key + R with the combination of run Open the screen.
  • msinfo32.exe type and search.
  • System Information screen will open. Here System Summary Open the page.
  • Now Where does the motherboard model write let’s see.
  • From here System Model Find the line. Your motherboard model will be writing here.

Learning motherboard model (CPU Z)

CPU-Z is software that is defined as a system utility. This software belongs to your computer hardware all information You can view it.

  • From here Download the CPU-Z program and complete the setup.
  • After starting the program Mainboard Open the section.
  • From here Model Find the line. Your motherboard model will be writing here.

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