What is Website Content Strategy? How to Develop?

A digital marketing plan is incomplete without adding content into it. It shares a common podium with interface design, user experience, SEO, web marketing and public relations. It mainly focuses on the creation, planning, management and presentation of content, which includes not only words on web pages, but also the use of multimedia and images. […]


SOCIAL MEDIA DISASTER We have researched the importance and place of social media, which has become very important in the lives of everyone, young and old, for you. Unfortunately, we live in an age where there are people who would get depressed if their internet was cut off, their phones and computers were broken. So, […]

What is MKVToolNix? Using MKVToolNix

Allows you to make various edits on MKV files. MKVToolNix nedirIn this article, we will explain in detail how to use MKVToolNix. MKV file It was developed by the Russians and stands for Matroska Video ‘Stop. The name of this extension, developed by the Russians, comes from Russia’s toy matryoshka dolls. MKV You must use […]

How to Use Spotify Only You

Spotify Only You made it available to all its users. Well What’s Spotify Just You, How to use Spotify Only You? Just you (Only You) is a sharable, story-driven setup whose daily updates allow you to monitor various aspects of your streaming behavior as you do at the top of your Instagram feed. Spotify Only […]

How to Turn Off Bing Notifications

After the last update of Microsoft Edge Bing notificationsYou can find how to turn it off in our article. After the update, Chromium-based Edge sends Bing and default browser notifications to its users. How to turn off Bing notifications? Edge address bar edge://flags in summer. At the top of the page that opens, you will […]

iCloud Recovery – Current Definitive Method

Forgotten Apple ID password, I forgot my iCloud password step by step for those who iCloud recovery We describe the process in this article. iCloud password reset In other words, we have compiled the procedures to be done under this heading. recover iCloud account We will explain the methods you can use for all the […]

How To Fix d3dx9_39 dll Problem?

D3dx9_39.dll problem If you are encountering D3dx9_39.dll Not Found We include the solution of the error in our article. D3dx9_39.dll error is a missing system file error when opening a game or a program. The ‘D3dx9_39.dll Not Found’ error is generally caused by a missing or a problem in the installation files of the game […]

Ledlenser ML6 Led Kamp Lambası

Ledlenser ML6 Led Kamp Lambası New ultra light and compact, portable, waterproof Ledlenser ML6, a major revolution in outdoor searchlights…. Hardly any LED camping lantern, Ledlenser ML6 it is not as compact and powerful. The device offers a bright and at the same time pleasant, glaring light technology. Inside 18 piece led lamp, custom Micro […]

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