How to Calculate Cell Phone Tax?

mobile phone tax calculatorWhile doing this, 4 types of taxes are added as Ministry of Culture Share, TRT Bandrole, SCT and VAT. When buying a smartphone, you can learn about the tax types and tax rates that are included in the price and must be paid with sample calculations in our article. What are Cell […]

Current Prices of Apple Products

iPhone, iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, Airpods gibi Current prices of Apple productsWe present it in our article. As a result of the exchange rate increases, Apple has increased all its products and accessories. Apple TurkeyiPhone, iPad, MAC, Apple Watch, Airpods products and Apple accessories published on the official website of new pricesWe present below. Current […]

I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

I forgot my Tiktok password and email step by step for those who have the problem TikTok account recovery explain their work. TikTok forgot his passwordIf you are, your e-mail address is required to log into your account and receive a new password. If you have forgotten your TikTok login e-mail address and you do […]

10 Lowest SAR Smartphones

The 10 lowest SAR smartphonesYou can minimize the radiation generated when using a phone by choosing one of the Today, when buying a smartphone, the features we look at are usually limited in terms of battery power, along with its processor, camera and screen features. But we skip the most important part, the one that […]

Casper Nirvana Models and Prices

Casper Nirvana Models and Prices In this article, we give place to Casper Nirvana models and prices, which is Turkey’s first domestic brand. casper computeris a technology company that produces computers and computer products, founded in 1991 in Istanbul by computer engineers Altan Aras Fakılı, Yalçın Yıldırım and Ali İhsan Taşkın. Casper is Turkey’s first […]

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