How To Connect Your PC To Wi-Fi Network

Internet is everywhere and today the scenario is you can not imagine life without it. Whatever you do in the office, college keeps you connected with Internet to use Internet applications, online songs, online videos, games online, by phone, email, chat and more again. Today you may be using Wi-Fi at your local office, at school or college to access the Internet from your smartphone or laptop. Even in homes as people prefer to use a Wi-Fi provides the ability to use the Internet from all devices rather than using a separate data set for each device.

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What is WiFi?

It is the common term that everyone uses nowadays. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity. A wireless connection is established using the wireless adapter that allows users to access Internet services.

It is the only technology that allows for any transparent connection. There are a number of Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs, home security, appliances, surveillance and home systems, automotive products, thermostats and more.

How Wi-Fi work?

The wireless network works as a two-way traffic, where the data is received from the Internet sent to this router and decoded radio signal that is received by the computer’s wireless adapter.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network on a laptop is quiet easy as it comes integrated option for Wi-Fi in laptops. Are you satisfied with the network connection of your computer or you really feel like having a Wi-Fi on this too? Have you ever tried to connect to your PC or desktop computer with your Wi-Fi? Do you know how to do it? Have you find the ability to connect a Wi-Fi connection to your PC? How are you going to do?

Well, recently, we met with many questions about the connection of PC with Wi-Fi. General office PC does not come with Wi-Fi, so if you want to get wireless connectivity to your computer desktop, you can use options like Wi-Fi adapter, PCI Wi-Fi card and the motherboard with integrated Wi-Fi.

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How to connect your PC to a Wi-Fi network

Method #1. Using Wi-Fi adapters

You can add a Wi-Fi connection to the office just be plugging in a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Wi-Fi adapter is easy and cheap option that you can easily get in under $ 10 in a market online or offline . Wi-Fi adapter uses the Wi-Fi radio, and when you connect to your desktop or computer, it gives you the ability to connect to the wireless network nearby.
Using Wi-Fi adapters

For the first time, you must install the drivers, then it is simple plug and play. You can remove it at any time when you do not want to connect to the Internet and can also be used in another system or PC.

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Method # 2. Upgrade your PC with a Wi-Fi enabled Motherboard

You can even update your PC which means you need to update your motherboard. Try Wi-Fi enabled motherboard, the motherboard does not offer any performance gain on PCI cards or USB but it is more than any USB or PCI slot.
Upgrade your PC with a Wi-Fi enabled Motherboard

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Method#3. Wi-Fi PCI card

Wi-Fi PCI card offers almost the same type of connectivity as it is provided by Wi-Fi allows the motherboard. Wireless PCI cards provide better information on the greatest distance with better throughput.

Wi-Fi PCI card

Wireless PCI cards provide spatial multiplexing MIMO. If your PCI card has two or more antenna and router also have the same number of antennas for better connectivity both antennas contribute to better communication. Do not worry if you have limited USB ports on your desktop computer, PCI cards do not use all USB ports.

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Final Words

When finished, your computer will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, just like you connect a laptop to the wireless network. If you want to compare USB Wi-Fi adapter solutions for Wi-Fi PCI in terms of convenience and USB adapter is better that you use plug and play, connect it to the time you want to use and unplug, you can also use it in another PC.

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