Top 10+ Best Alternatives To IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Why need alternatives to IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

IDM is one of the best download tools. Internet Download Manager provides fast download speeds with various amazing features. It automatically manage your downloads without worrying about loss of connection, downloadable files automatically support web page etc. We can take our download where it left off. IDM is paid software but we have to pay to use it after 30 days free trail. For all equipment we need to buy a separate license. So in order to reduce expenses software we need better alternative IDM software. There are various best alternative Download Manager software to IDM. Which offers good download speed with advanced features. If you also suffer version of IDM question. So here we will list the best alternatives for how IDM’s most popular download manager widely used.

Best Alternatives To IDM

  1. JDownloader

    It is best alternative to IDM. JDownloader is an open source software that can be downloaded for free. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. It is in Java so it is safer. We can easily pause and play our downloads. We can manage our download easily and can also be programmed. It did not all begin downloading simultaneously unlike IDM.

  2. EagleGet

    EagleGet is one of the best alternative to IDM with similar characteristics. It is free to download with its impressive features. We can easily integrate into our browsers. So we can download with EagleGet. We can pause and play our download easily. It also provides the speed notification box.

  3. Internet Download Accelerator

    It is another best download manager that is becoming popular day by day. It is free to download. It provides all the features and similar to IDM. It also refreshes the download link so that we can take back expired download link. He also divided our download twice the download speed as IDM. It is the best option for Windows users.

  4. Download Accelerator Plus

    There is another better alternative to IDM that is light and easy to use. It has all the features of IDM. It speeds up the download with its own techniques. We can integrate our browser. It is compatible with Windows, Mac. We can simultaneously play your video while downloading. It will provide play / pause function, communication speed, etc.

  5. Download Mipony

    Mipony Downloader is the best option to download files quickly. It is to download and use for free. He optimize our Internet connection to provide more speed. It will provide fully automatic download with easy integration of browser. It will provide pause and play function, more speed, schedule download etc. It also provides remote control of another computer on the network.


  6.  FreeRapid Downloader

    There is another Java-based alternative IDM which is available free for download. It provides all the features of IDM at no cost. It is easy to use with its attractive interface. You can download from any website with its integrated browser. It will provide speed notification download. We also plan our download and upload directly from the URL.

  7. Orbit Downloader

    Orbit Downloader est une autre meilleure alternative à l’IDM. Il est à télécharger totalement gratuit et facile à utiliser. Il est compatible avec Windows. Il fournit des fonctionnalités pause / lecture, la configuration du serveur proxy. Nous pouvons télécharger notre dossier en collant directement l’URL du fichier. Nous pouvons facilement gérer nos téléchargements. Après une interruption, nous pouvons reprendre notre téléchargement à partir même position. Essayez-le et voir les performances.

  8. Go!Zilla Downloader

    Go!Zilla Downloader is good choice as a download manager to download large files. We can easily manage our downloads with pause / play function. It also provides notification of connection speed. Get a file from server to provide many more download speed. We can easily take our case if we lost our Internet from the same location.

  9. FlashGet Downloader

    It is another best option for Windows users as an alternative to IDM. We can easily call our install antivirus Downloader that after downloading the file to be scanned. It provides more speed to optimize the connection. It also provides features to play and pause the download schedule management. It provides easy integration with browsers and easy to use interface.

  10. Download Accelerator Manager

    There is another popular alternative for IDM. We can easily integrate with our browser and enjoy its fast downloads. It is the best option for users of the window. We can easily take our download from an outdated link. Managing our download with play / pause easily. View our full download and waiting with a percentage. Try it and enjoy your download.

  11. GetRight Download Manager

    With the help of the download manager, we can easily download, play / pause, resume our download easily. It accelerate our downloads by dividing the file and download it in segments. It is easy to use and free alternative to IDM. It is a lightweight software give it a try and watch the performance.


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