How To Protect USB Pen drive With Password

Why Need Protect USB Pendrive With Password.

Desktop or laptop have become a part of our personal and professional lives. We use them for entertainment and also for many other purposes. We are dependent on computer knowledge for many different tasks as we use the internet, play games, entertainment, work and more. So because of all these sometimes our device to slow in speed. So I recommend reading about how PC or laptop fast speed. Usually, we store data in multiple types of computers. With the huge amount of data is the store, we need to backup or that we want to transfer to the device from anthers. So use USB devices to exchange data between computers. USB drives are also called pen drives or flash drives. These drives are compact in size and provide a large data storage capability. USB drives are plug and play drives and more life as CDs and DVDs and also provide rewritable functionality. As the USB hard soaps are portable and used to transfer data. Normally have good speed USB data transfer, but after the passage of time to slow USB must consult our USB key How to increase the data transfer speed.

USB Pendrive is used for data transfer. We can even perform various other tasks with USB Pendrive as we can use as Pendrive RAM. Traditionally, we CD or DVD drive to install Now we can easily make a bootable USB key for Windows. Sometimes we need to keep our information secret and protect our data against misuse by others and stay safe. In this article, I explain the methods to protect USB stick with the password.

Ways To Protect USB Pendrive With Password.

1st method: – BitLock Encryption.

BitLocker encryption is the manual method provided by Windows to protect our USB drive. Each time you insert the USB key you must enter the lock to open the little USB drive and access the files.

  1. Insert your USB into Computer.
  2. Right, click the USB drive you want to Encrypt.
  3. Select turn on Bitlock from Menu.Turn-on-bit-lock
  4. Click on the checkbox in the rear of  “use a password to unlock the drive”.Bit-lock-Password
  5. Now entering a password and Click on next button.
  6. Next button is to save and print key recovery in case you have forgotten your password.
  7. And Now click the next button and drive encryption will start.Bit-lock-Encription
  8. click on the close button when the encryption is complete.

2nd Method : – Wondershare USB Drive Encryption.

  1. Download and install Wondershare USB Encryption software.
  2. Double click its icon to Run the Program.
  3. Insert your USB into your computer.
  4. Select your drive you want encrypt from the list of USB drives.Wondershare-USB-Drive-Encryption-select-drive
  5. Select the amount of volume you want to encrypt and you can also select the total amount.Wondershare-USB-Drive-Encryption-select-space
  6. Now Click on Install Button.
  7. Enter a user name and Password for Encryption account.
  8. Click OK to create secure Area.
  9. After progressing complete and click on OK.

So these are some ways the easiest and best to make password protected USB pen drive. If you have any other best method to protect USB pen drive with password must be with us in the comments below given.

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