Does using Pen Drive as RAM really increases your Computer speed ?

Pen Drive as RAM really increases your Computer speed up ?

Flash is slower than RAM, and flash USB is even slower – not. However, the flash tends to be faster than a spinning magnetic disk – if you use the flash as swap space is a good idea of ​​the performance point of view (even via USB).

That said, you should never do that! No, unless you are very rich and are not particularly concerned about data corruption. Raw memory (not load balanced) flash is specced to have a lifespan of only about a million records; in other words, if you change the value of some bit a million times, it will keep that way and corrupting your data forever. Most flash mass storage devices contain load balancing firmware trying to rotate through different blocks, so that the life of a block may exceed the lifetime of the actual bits that correspond to this block to a point – but the factor by which this is extended is limited by the amount of space you want to lose. A common case is to reduce the real space into quarters, so that each block can be written 4 million times before it becomes corrupted. However, the swap can be overwritten four million times in minutes on a threshing machine.


Since Vista, Windows has a feature called “ReadyBoost” that uses Flash storage as a cache.

Flash drives are not very fast, but they have time to very fast random access compared to regular hard drives.

This really works to improve performance in these conditions.

You should not put your swap file on the removable storage but allow Windows to use the device as a cache, Windows will be well aware that there is a flash and must not be written too, he can and use the optimal drive.

How effective is using USB drives / Pen Drive to increase RAM ?

USB drive really does not increase your RAM. Increasing the RAM is totally another story.
The term you ask is called ReadyBoost.
Simply increase the access time to retrieve data from the hard disk.
There is huge difference in time while accessing data from a magnetic disk (your hard drive) and flash memory (USB drives).
A typical hard drive takes 10 times longer compared to USB hard drives to serve the data requested.
To use the time advantage of USB access keys, part of the USB memory is used as cache hard drive, meaning, the recently opened files of addresses or contents of your system are stored in the memory of your USB key. If there is another request for access to files or data already open, then CPU will look in the USB memory and recover from it, instead of asking hard drive to serve demand.
This method is useful when the system RAM used to be 256 or 512 MB But today we can see a significant improvement in memory capacity ranging from average and 2-4GB such, any OS fills First your RAM, going for the memory of the USB drive.

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