10 Lowest SAR Smartphones

10 lowest sar smartphones

The 10 lowest SAR smartphonesYou can minimize the radiation generated when using a phone by choosing one of the

Today, when buying a smartphone, the features we look at are usually limited in terms of battery power, along with its processor, camera and screen features. But we skip the most important part, the one that concerns our health. It also directly affects our health. SAR values.

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) represents the amount of radiation emitted by smartphones to the body. SAR, scientifically absorbed by the human body electro-magnetic radiation means rate. In other words, it has the effect of raising body temperature. After a certain point, the body starts to suffer from it.

High SAR valuegiven by the devices within 24 hours side effects these are:

  • narrowing of the field of view
  • heart ailments
  • Risk of disruption of the pacemaker
  • Memory impairment and risk of brain tumors
  • Intense feeling of stress and fatigue
  • Permanent hearing impairments
  • Concentration and attention impairment.
  • Damage to embryo development
  • Tinnitus and warming in the ears
  • Increased risk of miscarriage in women
  • Temporary impairments in hearing
  • disruption of blood cells
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Disruption of the immune system

United States Government Federal Communications Commission ideal SAR value 1.60 W/kg as it states. Council of the European Union if this rate 2.0 W/kg accepts as. But here the main thing to pay attention to is the detail. FCC SAR its value 1 gram of human tissue when measuring over the radiation it is exposed to, Council of the European Union 10 grams measuring over.

The 10 lowest SAR smartphones

in research 10 smartphones with the lowest SAR values are listed as follows:

  1. General Mobile GM 20 PRO – 0.292 W/kg
  2. Realme 6 – 0.571 W/kg
  3. General Mobile GM 20 – 0.679 W/kg
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 9C – 0.779 W/kg
  5. Xiaomi Redmi 9T – 0.807 W/kg
  6. Poco M3 – 0.807 W/kg
  7. Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G – 0.842 W/kg
  8. Oppo A73 – 0.904 W/kg
  9. Apple iPhone 13 Pro – 0.98 W/kg
  10. Huawei Mate Xs – 0.99 W/kg

How to learn SAR value?

  • Click here Open the GSMArena website.
  • into the search box Finding out the SAR value Search by typing the make and model of the phone you want. The phone’s properties page will open.
  • Find the MISC section in the properties table. Here you will see the lines SAR and SAR EU. Your phone is designated by the FCC and EU. SAR valuesyou will see.

10 Lowest SAR Smartphones

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