11 Instagram Content Plans for Product-Based Businesses

Finding creative and innovative social media content ideas and plans for your small business can be difficult. While service-based businesses face the challenge of not having a physical product to publish, product-based businesses face the opposite challenge: What should they share on social media other than their products?

Instagram If you are a product (production) based business owner having trouble finding the content idea and plan for you, we can help! Sharing photos of your products is a great idea, but sharing a variety of content types is ideal. For your product (production) based business, we will present in this article 11Instagram You can use the content idea and plan or create your own idea and plan based on them.

1. Share Your Packaging (and / or the Product You Packed)

One of the nice and fun things about being a product (manufacturing) based business is to present your brand to customers through packaging. You’ve probably put a lot of effort into making sure your customers have the excitement and joy of unboxing your product; if so why not use your packaging (and / or the product you are packing and even your packaging process) Instagramnot sharing on?

2.Share Aesthetic and Inspiring Shots About Your Products

Instagram a completely aesthetically focused platform! Share an aesthetic and inspiring mini board for your brand. Collect a few photos that showcase your brand’s characteristics and create a collage. This is both your (news) feed (Feedyour) as well as Storiesyour (Stories) is a great idea.

3.Share Photos of Your Supplies or Tools

You can show off more of your product! Taking photos of the materials or tools you use in your product (manufacturing) based work is a great Instagram It provides content because it offers a new perspective on how your products are created and gives your customers an idea and preview of your production process.

4. Extra Close-up Share Product Photos

Your products extra close-up Take photos and share them. This really works for businesses that produce products with interesting manufacturing processes and looks.

5.Share Photos That Show Your Production Process

Invite your customers behind the scenes and share your production process with them! Share your daily videos or photos, whether you’re packaging, working on your website or creating your products. Such content, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories (Instagram Stories) gives great results for.

6.Share Your Basic Needs and Daily Work Plan for Your Business

You work hard as an entrepreneur and often do thousands of things at the same time. What are the things that most help you be productive on a busy work day? Prepare and photograph all your basic needs and daily work plans related to your business InstagramPost on.

7.Share Your Hobbies

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of your job? Share your favorite hobbies to help your customers get to know you on a more personal level. It’s just really easy for you Instagram Not only will it provide content, it will also make your brand more visible and people-centric and start some new and interesting conversations.

8.Share Fun and Funny Stuff

There are so many funny memories – memoirs, quotes, tweets and posts on the internet… Why to make your followers smile? InstagramYou are not posting funny content on your? This type of content works best when you present it with your brand. You can even customize it to suit your brand. Make sure to use someone else’s tweet or posts in a way that highlights your brand and company.

9.Share Videos Showing the Benefits and Benefits of Your Products

After you’ve created a few high-quality marketing videos, Instagram Feed‘of (Instagramnews feedin your), Instagram Reelsin and Instagram Stories‘of) you can share! No problem if you are not a video pro, you can find video templates online that you can create for your brand and are easily customizable.

10.Share Motivating Quotes

Regularly InstagramOne of the easiest types of content to post (share) on is motivational and concise quotes. Find a few quotes (quotes) you like and make a photo or video that matches your brand. InstagramPost on. You can even do this on a specific day each week; so your customers can look forward to seeing some inspirational content from you.

11. Introduce Yourself

Has it been a long time since you introduced yourself to your customers? Instagram You’ve grown your account and some of your new followers may not know much about you. Share inspiration for your products, fun photos of your business, and even your own photo and photos of your team.

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