Can Apple Watch be used with an Android phone?

Last updated: November 9, 2020

Is Apple Watch used with an Android phone? Yes of course it is used. One of your relatives is enough to have an iPhone with IOS 14. Well Apple Watch Android telefona how to connect

iOS 14 version come with Family Sharing Thanks to its feature, you can use Apple Watch with an Android phone.

Introducing Apple Watch to Android phone

First, let’s pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone.

  1. Move Apple Watch closer to iPhone. When iPhone sees this model Go on Click the button.
  2. Next Setup for myself not Setup for a Family Member Continue with the option. After clicking this option, continue by completing the necessary steps.
  3. Select language and region options from Apple Watch, and if necessary Start Pairing Tap the button. All you have to do is read the screen on the Watch from the iPhone’s camera.
  4. After these Terms and Conditions Accept the menu. Use the slider to adjust how large you want the text to appear. Then decide if a password is required to unlock the watch.

After these steps Family Member setupWe can move on.

  1. Add a new family member here. You will need an iCloud account for this step. Enter the information and continue.
  2. If the family member is already using an iPad, that device will receive a temporary verification code. If your model is Cellular + Wi-Fi, perform the Cellular Network setup.
  3. After all this, adjust the other information. Among them are various options such as Wi-Fi setup, watch face.

After all these steps, you can use Apple Watch without iPhone.

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