Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription in 5 Steps

Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription in 5 Steps

Just a few steps on your Amazon account Amazon Prime subscription cancellation and Amazon Prime free trial cancellationwhat you can do.

Amazon Prime is a structure created by Amazon in 2005 with a different understanding and based on improving the customer experience. Answers to many questions asked about Amazon Prime in our article here you can find.

You can unsubscribe to Amazon Prime or cancel the free trial if you wish.

Canceling Amazon Prime free trial

To cancel Amazon Prime Free trial;

  • on the right side of the page cancel free trial or do not continue Click .

For free trial End Trial and Privileges When you select the option, you can continue to enjoy the privileges until your free trial ends. Your membership will then be canceled and your card will not be charged.

Amazon Prime Subscription Cancellation

  1. to your Amazon account by clicking here Sign in.
  2. located at the top right of the page Account and Lists from the drop-down menu by hovering over the option My Prime MembershipSelect .
  3. Gene located in the upper right Membership located under update settings by clicking on Terminate membership and privileges Let’s enter the option.
  4. If you are determined to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, click the Continue Cancellation button.
  5. In the next window …. terminate my subscription on When you click the button, your Amazon Prime membership will be terminated on the specified date.

Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription in 5 Steps

Cancel Amazon Prime subscription these are the steps.

Alright Our refund from Amazon Prime how do we get it?

on Amazon Prime video refund does not exist. You can watch during your subscription period.

Last Updated: September 3, 2021

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