Cloudflare What is DNS, How is it Used?

Cloudflare DNS implementation It is the best and free solution for those looking for VPN service. Cloudflare What is DNSLet’s see how to use it.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a protocol that can be defined as the directory of the Internet. Almost everything on the internet starts with a DNS request. DNS is the directory of the Internet. When you click a link, open an app, send an email, the first thing your device does is ask the directory.

Developed by CloudFlare DNS protocol We present detailed information about it in our article.

Cloudflare What is DNS, what does it do?

Cloudflare ( is a company that has been providing DNS services for years, and also ensures that many websites are protected from cyber attacks. US-based internet infrastructure firm Cloudflareits first consumer product, DNS servicerevealed what.

Cloudflare, a DNS forwarding service, can be used both on your computer, on your iOS – Android devices, and on PlayStation or Xbox game consoles.

How to use Cloudflare DNS?

Cloudflare is available on Windows and MAC computers, Android and IOS devices.

Using Cloudflare DNS Windows

  • Clicking on the start menu Access control panel
  • Network and internet >Click the Change adapter settings tab.
  • Right click on the wifi network you are connected to and enter properties. Select the Internet protocol version 4 section
  • From here, click on the properties tab, You will see the Use DNS servers tab below, click there to reach the last step.
  • Replace the addresses there with the DNS address.
    • For IPv4 also type and
    • For IPv6 type 2606:4700:1111

Cloudflare DNS MAC usage

  • Open system preferences,
  • Search for DNS servers and then access the dropdown and select,
  • To add DNS server, press the + button and go to the new menu,
  • Enter the number here and click the + button again. Enter the number here as well.

Cloudflare Android – IOS

CloudFlare launched earlier this year. DNS serviceni is published as an iOS and Android application.

Cloudflare What is DNS, How is it Used?

The name of the application is presented as Faster & Safer Internet. This application, which has an important place for Cloudflare, also has an important place with its Warp + feature. People can switch to the premium Warp+ version on demand and enter many sites smoothly and very quickly. With Warp + technology, which evokes the speed of space technology, using Vpn turns into a much faster experience.

What is CloudFlare In our article, for those who care about speed and security on their website, CloudFlare system and WordPress CloudFlare setupwe are telling.

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