Clown Themed Horror Movies

Clown-themed horror movies feature clowns who turn into bloody murderers in our article Clown horror movieswhat will we include ..

It (O)

IMDB Score : 6.9

Year Built: 1990

An adaptation from a Stephen King novel to cinema Horror movies with the clown The story of the Drama and Horror genre in our list includes 7 children living in a small town of Maine.

This is a group of seven friends excluded in their schools. However, this is not their biggest problem. While friends are dealing with the problems of life and adolescence on the one hand, another trouble opens up to them. Pennywise, which can take shape according to the fears of her victims, begins to terrify these 7 children in the form of a spooky clown. Now, the problems at school will be considerably less important than the struggle to survive.

“It”, which took over the title of the highest-grossing horror movie ever, with 700 million dollars collected in cinemas in 2017, was adapted from one of Stephen King’s most favorite novels.

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