Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

Last updated: 13/10/20

Driver signing The process adds an extra layer of security for your computer. However, if the driver signing process is causing errors and you are unable to install drivers Driver Signature EnforcementYou can disable.

As is known, Windows 10 includes a “driver signing” feature. Its main purpose is to allow only Microsoft-signed drivers to be loaded.

If you want to install unofficial drivers, old unsigned drivers or drivers you have developed yourself, you need to disable the driver signature application.

Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

What is Driver Signing?

Digitally signing drivers is a special label attached to system files (mostly drives) to increase the level of computer protection.

What are Digital Signature Drivers?

Digitally Signed Drivers are their manufacturer’s signed drivers that ensure the integrity and checksum of the drive to ensure that the installed Driver file has not been altered in any way other than what the Signature Authority allows or changes.

How to turn off Driver Signature Enforcement?

It is enabled by default in the Windows operating system as a way to make sure that the malicious software that hides because the drivers are not installed on your computer.

The driver signing process adds an extra layer of security for your PC. However, if this is causing errors and does not allow you to install third-party drivers, you can disable driver signing by following the steps below:

  1. Open the run window with the Windows key + R shortcut and “shutdown /o /r -t 00” type and click “OK”.
  2. Your running programs will close and you will “Advanced Startup Options” will come. After the advanced startup options arrive “Troubleshoot” Click.
  3. Next “Advanced options”Click.
  4. “Initial settings”Click and “Restart”Click.
  5. Your computer will restart. 7th in the menu that appears after the opening disable driver signature enforcement to choose the option 7 or F7 Use the keys.

After your computer boots up, you will now be able to install unsigned drivers.

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