Photographing sunsets can be difficult for even more experienced photographers. The amount of light available and the way our cameras handle this makes this difficult. The truth is that even if you highlight key points when photographing a sunset (another discussion entirely), most of your image will likely be too dark. Additionally, sunset images can become oversaturated at the shooting point. In this tutorial, we’ll show you a few different ways to edit a sunset in Photoshop, covering three common scenarios.

How to Edit a Whitewashed Sunset in Camera Raw

When we let our smartphone camera’s automatic settings decide for us, our sunset images run the risk of getting too bright or “whitewashed”. It’s also easy to make this mistake in the editing process.

In the example below, we’re using the Radial Filters available in Adobe Camera Raw to selectively darken the image. This will help make your sunset photo more interesting and not so flat in appearance.

There are advantages to using Adbe Camera Raw as a Smart Object in Photoshop. Find out how you can benefit from this technique.

same image You can download it from Pexels. and you can follow.

Lets start!

  1. To create a repeating layer Ctrl + J keys Press.
  2. Right click on the duplicate layer and Convert to Smart Object select.
  3. Filtered > Camera Raw Filter go.
  4. From the vertical menu on the far right Radial Filter choose. Left click on the center of the sun.
  5. Four Box Handle until the Circle fills the screen and the top and bottom disappear outside the frame. Radial Filter expand.
  6. Enter these values ​​for each of the following sliders: temperature +59; Exposure -.45; Contrast +69; Highlights -60; Shadows -20; Whites +18; Blacks -46 ; Saturation +16
  7. to edit click, then Go to Effects and enter these values: Grain 20; Vignetting -32, athen to return to Photoshop Ok Click.
  8. Transparency % for 82

Since we’ve created a Smart Object, it’s possible to go back to Camera Raw and make other adjustments. All you have to do is double-click the Camera Raw Filter on the layer.