Epson L3250 Printer Setup

Epson l3250 printer setup

In this article, we talked about the installation and features of the Epson L3250 printer, which you can refill yourself at home.

Sometimes in our lives, we may start to need a printer more. When we need to buy a printer, we come across many options. In addition, we need to know which type of printer we need before choosing a brand and model. It is naturally necessary to purchase a good device when used frequently.

The pace of use is an important factor for what purpose it will be used and where it will be used. It is important to answer questions such as what we should pay attention to when buying a printer and what features should we focus on exactly. So these answers will help you get the best printer.

L3250 Printer Features

The Epson L3250 printer is generally suitable for home users or light-paced businesses. We wouldn’t say that it is slow for this printer, which can output up to 15 pages per minute in color. However, if you expect it to meet an intense output expectation by a large number of people, it will have a hard time keeping up with you. However, if you expect long-term use and a quality output, this product will be for you. Also, since it is refillable, you can easily refill with inks that you can supply at an affordable price.

Generally, black, cyan, magenta and yellow tubes come out of the box. You can use these tubes by making the first filling. When the ink runs out, we recommend you to use the original products by supplying them. This device, which can perform printer, scanner and copier functions, can output 1200×2400 dots per inch. Thus, the resolution ratio will also give you a good performance in visual printing.

Epson L3250 Printer Setup

Let’s open the cover of the printer and take out the labels inside. Then remove the caps from the section where you will fill ink. Let’s wait for the tubes to fill by turning them upside down so that the correct colors match. Also, do not create pressure by squeezing the tubes. After filling the tubes up to the relevant line, you have to press the fill button on the device.

Press and hold the triangular sign button for 5 seconds to refill the ink.

When the ink light starts to flash, it means that the filling is done. It can take approximately 10 minutes. When the light turns off, the filling is complete. Do not press a different key of the text and do not open the cover until the light goes out.

Load paper into your printer after the ink light turns off. Start the installation by downloading the Epson L3250 printer driver to your computer.

Epson L3250 Printer Setup

Proceed through the installation steps here. The software related to your printer will be installed on your computer. If you want to setup by connecting to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Select the Wi-Fi connection. In addition, the wired option for wired connection will also welcome you.

How to Install Epson L3250 Printer

After selecting your connection type, the setup screen will complete the setup by checking your connection. The installation will end when the process is complete.

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