GTA Cheats

GTA cheats Thanks to the GTA game series, you can complete some tasks more easily and you can skip the levels.

Our country, whose original name is known as “Grand Theft Auto”, is also known as “GTA Vice City” for short. GTA There are many cheats in the game series. GTA cheatsYou can pass the sections that you have difficulty and cannot pass more easily by applying the .

GTA cheat codes It will help to finish the tasks faster and pass easily in the game.

How to enter GTA cheat?

We can write GTA 5 cheats in the command screen by pressing the é key just below the ESC key on the keyboard while in the game.

GTA cheats

After typing the GTA 5 passwords we gave below, ‘ Enter You have to press the ‘ button.

fast running Cheat code: CATCHME (GTA 5)

fast swimming Cheat code: GOTGILLS (GTA 5)

Swimming in water Cheat code: SEAWAYS (GTA Vice City)

Decrease wanted level Cheat code: LAWYERUP (GTA 5)

flying trick Cheat code: SKYFALL (GTA 5)

Exploding bullets Cheat code: HIGHEX (GTA 5)

GTA Cheats

GTA Cheats

GTA Cheats

GTA Cheats

The best we have compiled for you GTA San Andreas mods You can have a more enjoyable gaming experience while playing the game again with the list.

Last Updated: 31 August 2021

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