How Can I Update iPhone?

How can i update iphone?

iPhone updateYou can easily connect it to a computer wirelessly or via iTunes.

Apple releases frequent system updates for IOS devices. The latest IOS update version for iPhone and iPads is 15.2.

How Can I Update iPhone?

How can I update iPhone?

As we mentioned in the introduction of our article iPhone updateYou can do it wirelessly or by connecting it to a computer with iTunes on Windows, Finder on MAC.

To update iPhone via device:

  • Settings > general > Software update Go to section.

The screen shows the currently installed iOS version and if an update is available.

How Can I Update iPhone?

To update iPhone via MAC:

  • on your Mac Finder select your iPhone from the sidebar, then at the top of the window generalClick .
  • Check for UpdatesClick .
  • To install a found update UpdateClick .

To use the Finder to update your iPhone, macOS 10.15 or later is required. Use iTunes to update your iPhone on older versions of macOS.

To update iPhone via Windows:

  • Open iTunes on Windows.
  • in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window. iPhone Click the button, then summaryClick .
  • Check for UpdatesClick .
  • To install a found update UpdateClick .

You can have your iPhone update automatically. To enable automatic updates:

  • Settings > general > Software update > Automatic Updatesgo to

iPhone will automatically update to the latest version of iOS.

How to uninstall iPhone Latest Update?

iPhone son uninstall the update for:

  • Turn off the iPhone and connect it to your computer with the USB cable.
  • recovery modeOpen it.
  • On your Mac computer Finderor on your Windows computer iTunesOpen .
  • Find your device and on the screen that appears Reload Click the button.
  • Restore and Update Confirm the action by clicking the button.
  • Forward and Kabul Et Click the button.

That is all.

Last Updated: 31 December 2021

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