How to Change Business Address in Google Maps with Google My Business?

Google Maps (Google Maps) Keeping your business information up-to-date on a platform that is available and used on almost every device is very important for success and Googlethis update process Google My Business making it a simple process. This free tool is for business owners and organizations. Google Search and Google Mapsin address, service area, working hours and website It allows them to update and manage basic information such as

Google Maps‘gives (Google Maps) to edit and update a business address Google My BusinessYou must have an account in . The business you want to update the address and other information, Google My Business must be added to your account. When changing the address, GoogleFollow the address guidelines of the . Following the guidelines Google your profile and Google Mapsin (Google Maps) will increase the accuracy of its location.

Business owners, business addresses Google My Business through and also iOS and Android on devices Google My Business can be edited in the app.

Request, Google Maps‘gives (Google Maps) What needs to be done to update the business address!

How to Change Business Address in Google Maps with a Computer?

  • In a web browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) Google My BusinessSign in to .
  • In the menu list on the left side of the screen Information Click the menu.
  • In the address section pencil iconClick what.

  • Google Maps‘gives (Google Maps) For correct display, GoogleWrite down the current information in your business address, taking into account the address (entering / updating information) guidelines.
  • Apply Click the button.
  • Google, can’t find your address, located to the right of the address field on the map. Set marker location Click the button.

  • On the map that opens red thumbtack iconDrag and drop it to your business location, and then Apply Click the button.

How to Change Business Address in Google Maps (Google Maps) with Google My Business App?

  • Google My Business Open the app.
  • at the bottom of the screen Profil (Profile) Go to your account page by tapping the tab.

  • Tap the address section and then tap to start editing. pencil iconTap what.

  • Google Maps‘gives (Google Maps) Enter your business’s current address information so that your correct address information appears.

  • After entering your current address information Save Tap the button.

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