How to Change Password of GMail Account? (Change GMail Password in 4 Steps)

GMail password change You can easily perform your transactions either from your phone or from your computer, Change password of GMail accountYou can reset or reset.

You can change your GMail password for security reasons or reset it if you forgot your GMail password.

Change GMail password from phone

To change the Gmail password from the phone;

  • Open the GMail app on the phone.
  • located in the upper right Profile by tapping your picture or the icon with your initials manage google account enter option.
  • Personal information or Security located in the section Password enter the section.
  • Set your new password by performing the required authentication and change password Tap the button.

Changing GMail password from computer

To change Gmail password on computer;

  • entering Security Click the tab.
  • Next Sign in to Google from the options Password select the option
  • verify your identity for Account type your password Forward Click .
  • Immediately after new passwordwrite your name and verification change password Click the button.

How to Change Password of GMail Account?  (Change GMail Password in 4 Steps)

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Last Updated: September 3, 2021

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