How to Change Valorant Username in 2 Steps!

How to change valorant username in 2 steps!

Valorant usernameyour (RIOT ID) every 30 days free aspect changeebilirsiniz.

Riot IDis your display name someone needs to add you to Valorant or other Riot games.

When you first start playing Valorant nameIf you don’t like or have changed your mind, you can download it for free by following the easy steps below. Valorant usernameopposite changeebilirsiniz.

How to change Valorant username?

Your Valorant name is directly linked to your Riot account, so you need to go to the RIOT GAMES website to change it.

  1. Click here Login to RIOT account do it.
  2. RIOT ID by specifying a new username from Save Changes Click the button.

How to Change Valorant Username in 2 Steps!

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