How to Clear Cache of Facebook App on iPhone?

iPhonein your Facebook When was the last time you cleared the app’s cache? I guess your answer is “never” and that is why you are reading this article!

You are in the right place because Facebook app’s cache (the hidden area where all your in-app activities are stored, from clicked links to liked pages), iPhoneIt can slow down your ‘s more than you think.

Fortunately, iPhone‘gives Facebook Clearing the app’s cache is quick and easy. Request, iPhone‘gives Facebook What you need to do to clear the cache of the app!

How to Clear Cache of Facebook App on iPhone?

Firstly, Facebook‘a browser cacheyou can clean it. This operation is only Facebook‘a in-app web browserIt will clear the data it stores from the websites you visit.

  • Facebook Launch the app and click on the bottom-right corner. ≡ (three horizontal lines) iconTap what.
  • On the page that opens, Settings & Privacy (Settings & Privacy) Tap the menu.
  • In the drop-down list Settings Tap the menu.
  • On the page that opens, scroll down the screen and Browser Find the option and tap it.
  • On the incoming screen Clear Browsing Data Tap the menu.

That is all! Your in-app browser cache is cleared, with no need to save or confirm any other action.

However, this process removes the rest of the data. Facebook leaves it in your app’s cache. To get rid of the rest of this data as well, Uninstalling or deleting the Facebook app and App StoreYou need to reinstall from .

Again, this process to your account data, to your photos or to your posts It does not hurt. Only Facebook It will clear the cache of the app and you will need to log in again after installing the app.

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