How to Close Tivibu Membership?

Last updated: 12/10/20

You can find information about Tivibu packages, a digital TV platform service offered by Türk Telekom, and Tivibu membership cancellation procedures in this article.

What is Tivibu?

TivibuIs a digital TV platform service offered by Türk Telekom.

Which institution is Tivibu?

TivibuIs a service of Türk Telekom.

Is internet required for Tivibu?

Yes. Since Tivibu works on IP TV system, it must be connected to the internet. If you want to buy without internet, you can get Tivibu Satellite option.

How much are Tivibu packages?

There are 3 packages available in Tivubu.

  • Family package: 49 TL
  • Cinema Package: 69 TL
  • Super Pack: 89 TL

What is the Tivibu Home package?

Tivibu Ev is a new generation TV platform offered with an IPTV receiver over broadband internet connection. Supports HD quality TV broadcast and video transmission, 5.1 Dolby Digital audio transmission; It offers different experiences to the audience as it is enriched with special thematic channels as well as known national channels.

What is Tivibu Web package?

With Tivibu Web, TTNET’s Web TV service, you can access many domestic and foreign TV channels with your internet connection on your computer, and even watch many programs broadcast on TV for 1 week from the date of their broadcast whenever, wherever you want.

What is the Tivibu Pocket package?

With Tivibu Mobile, you can watch many local and foreign TV channels live on your iPhone, Ipad and Android operating system on your mobile phones and tablets, on the road, at school, at the service, at lunch, in short, wherever you want; You can pause the live broadcast and rewind it. You can watch the most popular domestic TV series and programs you missed for 1 week without having to save them, and you can access nearly 1000 movies, series, documentaries, music videos and children’s content anytime you want.

What’s in the Tivibu Go package?

With Tivibu GO (Family, Cinema and Super) Packages, you can use it whenever you want, wherever and whenever you want, regardless of your home screen; It is a service where you can enjoy TV from A to Z on computers, smart mobile phones, tablets and compatible smart televisions.

How to close Tivibu Membership?

You can easily cancel Tivibu subscription by fax.

The example we give below Tivibu cancellation petitionby writing your information such as name, surname, membership number, phone number, and by adding your identity card Tivibu cancel fax number Fax it to 0312 306 0716.

Sample of Tivibu cancellation petition

I am a Tivibu subscriber numbered ………… .., since I do not intend to use it, I request that my current subscription be closed and terminated, if any, I am notified of the fees or commitments I will pay, if I am notified whether I will enter into any payment obligation in case of closure, or I request the transactions related to the closure of my line.

I want it done.

Tivibu subscription number: ………………….

T.C. No:

Tel.: 05




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