How to Connect Mac Computer to TV

These days, the line between computer and television is becoming more blurred and unclear than ever, as more and more people watch their movies and TV shows through an (online video – movie) streaming service. However Netflix large flat screen, even if you’re watching a show through TVThere is (always) a possibility that your Stream will offer a better viewing experience than the computer you use to get online (access the internet).

A MacConnecting the TV to the TV gives you access to the world wide web (internet) on a much larger screen. Mac with one TV Using it can give you a second monitor, making work or play more productive and enjoyable. And in most cases, two external monitors or TV You can even connect.

Macin the upper left corner of the screen to check the compatibility of your . Apple Click the logo, then Bu Mac Hakkında (About this Mac) Click . In the popup window Destek (Support) Click and then in the next window Technical Specifications Click . MacA web page will open with information about the external video (display) feature of your . Video Support (Video Support) Scroll down until you see the title and read the information below.

However, specialized computer monitors designed for use at close vision often have a TVSince it has much better resolution than TVNote that ‘s aren’t always a great second monitor alternative.

Connecting Mac to TV with Cable

Thunderbolt or HDMI an older outlet Macbookif you have Macyour latest TVYou can connect to (Thunderbolt If you are going to use the port, HDMINote that you may need a cable that converts to ).

computer output, TVConnect to a video input on and then Macin your Apple logo, then System Preferences menu and then Screens Click . In the next window, Default for display Make sure the option is selected. Default for display select option, Macyour monitor (TVautomatically finds and selects the best settings for your

Most HD resolution TV, HDMI via a cable MacIt can also receive audio streaming from To enable audio streaming Macin your Apple to your logo, System Preferences Click the menu, then Ses (Sound) Click and Macyou connected your TVSelect . (Older computers and/or TV‘s, two devices, Macmay require connecting to an audio jack using a second cable, via the headphone jack (input)

How to Wirelessly Connect Mac to Smart TV

New generation Macand Apple TV‘s make screen mirroring incredibly easy.

TVand Apple TVopen , then Mac‘at Apple logo, then System Preferences Click the menu, then Screens Click and finally AirPlay Display taskbarfrom which you want to connect TVSelect .

A Mac‘i, Apple TV without other smart (smart) TVto reflect on, it TV is a product designed and developed to work on the brand’s products. (image) mirroring app you must acquire. Samsung TVfor the App Store‘and Samsung SmartThing you can use the application. Sony TVfor the AirBeamTV you can use the application. GoogleBy searching in Macfrom virtually any brand smart (smart) TVYou can find the right application that you can use to project (image).

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