How to Delete WhatsApp Sticker?

Whatsapp stickers packsdo not use and want to delete Whatsapp Sticker silme You can do it with just a few clicks.

Conversations that used to be colored with emojis have now become even more colorful with the stickers feature offered by WhatsApp. You can easily delete stickers from Whatsapp that you have downloaded to try or that you do not use anymore.

WhatsApp Sticker silme

1- Sign in to the WhatsApp app and enter any chat.

2- Then, on the right of the message writing box stickers Enter the menu.

3- A list of the stickers you have will come in this menu. Whatsapp Sticker silme To continue the transaction ‘+’ Click the icon.

4- In the menu that comes upAll StickersYou will see a screen named ‘. Here are all the stickers you have downloaded or have not downloaded yet. Pass here.

5- Now all the stickers you use have appeared. Located right at the top rightEditPress the ‘button.

5-EditAfter pressing the ‘button, a red delete icon will appear next to all your stickers.

At this point Whatsapp Sticker silme Let’s remind that the process is permanent. After a careful selection, you can delete and remove stickers that you no longer want to use.

If you have done all the deletions, all you have to do is’DonePress the ‘button.

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