How to Dismiss Telegram Joined Notification?

x has joined Telegram notification can sometimes reach disturbing dimensions. If you want to turn off these types of notifications Joined Telegram notificationsQuite easy to turn off.

It’s easy to turn off the x joined Telegram notification.

What does that mean the person joined Telegram?

A notification is sent to the phone of the people who have registered to the application, saying “person x joined Telegram” when a person in their directory joins Telegram. If you do not turn off notifications, a chat with the text “x Joined Telegram” will appear as people in your directory start using Telegram.

Who does the person joined Telegram notifications go to?

After joining Telegram, notifications that you have logged into this platform will go to anyone registered in your directory.

How to turn off the person joins Telegram notification?

To turn off the person joins Telegram notification;

Open the Telegram app and go to Settings> Notifications & Sounds.

At the bottom, disable the “New Contacts” button.

You will no longer receive notifications from friends who have just joined Telegram.

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