How to Do iPhone Memory Increase?

Last updated: December 17, 2020

iPhone memory expansion, iPhone memory upgrade In addition to deleting applications or files that you will not use in the phone, by changing the iPhone storage iPhone memory full You can solve the problem.

One of the biggest problems with iPhone users is that the memory cannot be increased later. As it is known, there is no SD memory card input in iPhones. However, the absence of an SD memory card slot does not prevent you from upgrading your device’s memory.

iPhone memory full what should I do?

iPhone memory full issue The most basic and easiest solution to remove movies, music, videos and apps that you don’t use or take up unnecessary space.

How to free iPhone storage space?

Settings > General >Use waynot By watching which videos and applications take up how much space, you can save what you need or delete what you see unnecessary.

For photos, you can delete the ones on the phone by transferring them to the computer via iTunes. also Settings > iCloud >Photos >My Photo StreamYou can save space by turning off.

How to increase memory on iPhone?

With part replacement, i.e. the storage unit (Nand Entegresi) replacement, you can increase the storage capacity of your iPhone.

iPhone memory boost In service, you can have higher storage space without having to change your device.

Which iPhones’ memory can be increased?

  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models 32, 64, 128 GB shaped,
  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus 7 and 7 Plus models 128, 256 GB form can be increased.

iPhone memory upgrade how much?

The memory upgrade fee for iPhone models varies depending on the model and the storage capacity you want.

For example;

iPhone 7 Plus memory upgrade fee: Between 550-600 TL

iPhone 6 Plus memory upgrade fee: Between 350-450TL

Will my files be deleted when upgrading iPhone memory?

Your data and all your files are deleted in the iPhone memory increase process. Before giving your phone to service, be sure to get backups via iTunes or iCloud.

Memory integration (Nand entegresi) what?

Memory integration (Nand integrated)

Nand Entegresi, It is a very important hardware unit on the motherboard where the data is stored. Photos, videos, notes and other data are saved in this track.

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