How to Download Music to iPhone?

How to download music to iphone?

Spotify and TIDAL With the rise of music streaming and podcast services, we can now listen to music anywhere and anytime. However, if you are in a place without an internet connection, you cannot listen to music using such services.

To be prepared for such situations iPhoneDownloading music to your is a great idea. Thus, you can listen to music even if you do not have access to the Internet.

Many music streaming and podcast services allow you to download music if you have a premium subscription; so you can listen to music without internet access. Also, if you have music files on your computer, you can transfer them to your phone whenever you want.

Request, iPhoneto your 2-What you need to do to download music with different method!

How to Download Music from Apple Music to iPhone?

Paid Apple Müzik (Apple Music) If you have a subscription, you can download music to listen to when there is no internet (but only Apple Müzik (Apple Music)You can access as long as you subscribe to ).

Also, remember that you need internet access to download music! After downloading the music you want, you can listen to the downloaded music even without internet access.

  • Apple Müzik (Apple Music) Open the app.
  • The music or music you want to download, Apple Müzik (Apple Music)in your music library (in your music library) or Apple Müzik (Apple Music)Find it by searching ‘. In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to search for music Ara (Search) Tap the menu and then tap the search bar at the top; from the tabs under the search box. Apple Müzik (Apple Music)Make sure that is selected, and then search for the song you want to download.
  • to the right of the music you want to download. + (plus) signTap what. This will add the music you selected to your library.
  • + (plus) signBy tapping the music you selected will start downloading automatically. However, + (plus) sign without getting lost ☁ (cloud) icon If it changes with ☁ (cloud) iconTap what. This will start the download process.

If you want this one Mac on the computer Apple Müzik (Apple Music) You can also do it from the app. Mac on your computer Apple Müzik (Apple Music) or iTunesYou can follow the same steps to download music from.

Spotify‘gives premium If you have a subscription, you can download entire playlists to listen to when you don’t have internet access. TIDAL It also offers the same feature.

How to Download Music from Computer to iPhone?

If you have a music library (music library) that you have saved on your computer, you can download that music from your computer. iPhoneto copy to Windows‘ta iTunesu or Mac‘at Apple Müzik (Apple Music)You can use

But before starting the copying process iCloud make sure you close your music library (music library). iCloud if you have not closed your music library (music library), iPhoneYou cannot manually manage the music in your .

  • Windows on your computer iTunesu or Mac on your computer Apple Müzik (Apple Music) start the application.
  • from your computer iTunesto or Apple Müzik (Apple Music)If you haven’t transferred music to , import your music. File (File) Click on the menu and then Import Select the option. iTunesif in Add Folder to Library (dd Folder to Library) You must select the option.
  • Select a music folder you have saved on your computer and iTunesto or Apple Müzik (Apple Music)Allow it to be transferred to . If you have music in more than one folder, you can repeat the process until all the music you want is saved in the program.
  • iPhoneConnect your to computer.
  • application on computer (iTunes or Apple Music) on the left of the screen Devices A section will appear for iPhoneYour ‘ will be listed under this section. Mac If you are using it, click it. Windows on the computer iTunes, near the top of the screen iPhoneClick on the small icon that looks like .
  • Mac on the computer Apple Müzik (Apple Music) in the upper-right corner of the application. Sync Settings Click the menu.
  • Later on Music Click . iTunes‘ta Music menu in the left pane iPhoneunder . Apple Müzik (Apple Music)if in Music You can find the menu in the bar at the top of the screen.
  • Now choose how you want to sync your music. Sync Music click the checkbox and then Tmy music libraryyour (Entire music library) select the option to copy to phone or Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres Select the option.
  • When you’re done selecting the music you want to sync to your phone, click on the bottom of the screen. Senkronize et (Sync) Click the button and wait for the music to be transferred.
  • After the synchronization is complete, in the application on the computer (iTunes or Apple Music) next to your phone’s name eject iconClick on it and disconnect your phone from the computer.

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