How to Find and Use New App Library in iOS 14 and Above iOS Versions?

iOS 14 introduced with Application Library (App Library), iPhoneIt’s a new way to organize apps in . Application Library‘ni (App Library) to find, iPhoneYou just need to scroll to the last (rightmost) page of the main screen of .

Application Library‘ni (App Library) When you open it, you will see all your apps organized (organized) in several folders. These folders are created based on the apps you have; e.g game apps a folder for shopping apps another folder for food ordering apps You will see another folder for

Application Libraryin (App Library) you cannot rename folders or choose how apps are organized. However, there are several ways to browse apps on this screen and use it to organize your phone’s home screen.

Request, Application Library‘nin (App Library) basics on how to use it!

How to Use App Library to Find Apps on iPhone?

Application Library‘Why (App Library) There are several ways to open apps.

  • Tap the App You See in the Folder: Application Library (App Library), categorizes all apps and shows you a preview of some apps in that category. You will see that some app icons are normal size while others are smaller. Tap a regular-size app icon to open it right away, or tap smaller app icons to open and browse the folder.
  • Search All Your Apps: To search for the application you want Application Library (App Library) Tap the search box at the top of the screen. You will also see an alphabetical list of all your apps on this screen. You can swipe and tap on the app you want to launch. This is a useful feature and the best way to see all your apps.

How to Use App Library to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Home Screen?

iOS 14 with Apple offered to users Application Library‘nin (App Store) One of the most important advantages of iPhoneIt allows you to hide from the home screen of .

If you want to hide rarely used apps or want a neat and simple home screen (home page) with your most essential apps, remove unwanted apps. Application Library‘born (App Library) you can send. Thus, without deleting apps completely iPhoneof your home screen(home screen) You can edit.

  • iPhoneof your main monitorinside (home screen), touch and hold an app icon you want to hide until a menu list pops up.
  • In the drop-down list Remove App (Remove App) Tap the menu.

  • In the opened window, Move to App Library Tap the menu.

The app will disappear from your phone’s home screen, but will not be completely deleted from the phone; Application Library‘born (App Library) will be moved. If you want to open (and use) this application in the future, Application Libraryin (App Library) you can find.

How to Restore an App to the Home Screen in the App Library?

If you change your mind, you can easily bring an app back to the home screen that you removed from the home screen.

  • Application Library‘ni (App Library) open.
  • Find the app you want to restore on the home screen using the folders or the search bar.
  • Tap and hold the app’s icon until a list of menus pops up.
  • In the drop-down list Ana Ekrana Ekle (Add to Home Screen) Tap the menu.

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