How to Find, Delete or Share Facebook Post Drafts on Android

A Facebook If you have a page and you are the administrator of the page or one of its authorized editors, on a computer with a web browser Facebook When you log in to your page, post via the menu of post preparation and sharing tools. creating drafts, save and arrangement you have options.

You can also download these drafts using the mobile application. Android You can find, delete or publish on the device.

How to Find Post Drafts in Facebook App on Android

With a web browser on a computer Facebook If your page has a post draft or drafts that you’ve saved to post sharing tools, you can save those drafts as a Android on the device Facebook Follow the steps below to delete or share with the app!

  • Facebook open the app and Facebook login to your account.
  • in the upper-right corner of the application screen. ≡ (three horizontal lines) iconwhat and then in the dropdown list Pages Tap the menu.
  • you want to trade Facebook pageSelect .

  • located in the upper-right corner of the screen. ≡ (three horizontal lines) iconTap what and then in the drop-down list Drafts Tap .

  • next to the draft you want to process. ᐯ (down arrow) iconTap what and in the dropdown list Share Now (Post Now) or Sil (Delete) Tap .

  • Sil (Delete) When you select the option, it will repeat on the next page that comes up. Sil (Delete) You must confirm the deletion by tapping the button.

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