How to Find iPhone Charge Cycle Count?

How to find iphone charge cycle count?

One of the indicators of iPhone battery life iPhone charge cycle countis. available on iPhone battery 500 full charge cycles It is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity throughout.

All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifetime. Apple lithium-ion batteries work in charge cycles.

Using the 100% charge of the battery means 1 cycle. One cycle should be understood as 1 charge and 1 discharge of the battery. So every time you charge and discharge your iPhone, 1 cycle is over.

For instance;

Your charge remained at 20% overnight, so you used 80% charge and plugged the phone into the charger. Charge was 100%. A full charge cycle is made in 20% of the part that you will use the next day. (80%+20%= 1 full charge cycle)

Apple products other than iPhone charge loopare as follows:

  • Apple Watch: 1000 full charge cycles
  • iPad: 1000 full charge cycles
  • MacBook: 1000 full charge cycles

How to find iPhone charge cycle count?

Find out iPhone charge cycle countfor mech:

  • iPhone’unuzda Settings > Privacy > Analytics and improvements Go to section.
  • analytical dataSelect .
  • When you enter the analysis data, scroll to the bottom. log-aggregated Click on the last one.
  • Copy all the contents of the file.
  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone and paste the copied content.
  • With the Search Notes option Batterycyclecount or Number of Battery Cycles Search for the word.
  • integer in the section Battery cycle countyou will see.

How to Find iPhone Charge Cycle Count?

To maximize battery performance and help extend battery lifein our article here You can use the tips available.

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