How to Fix Reviews on Instagram?

You can pin up to 3 comments in a post on Instagram. Snap intagram comment, Fixing Instagram comments how is it done?

As we explained above, a post up to 3 reviews you can put it on the head. Pinned comments are at the top and every user who views the share will see those comments.

Fixing Instagram Comments

  • Located below the post you shared … Show all comments Tap.
  • Above the comment you want to move on top keeping pressed to the left Slide.
  • From the drop-down menu fastener Tap the (fasten) icon.
  • Thus, the comment you choose will be moved to the top among the comments made on the post you shared.

Fixing Instagram commentsThe advantage of is that your other followers browsing the home page will appear directly under your post, along with your description, and the comment fixed.

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