How to Fix This Accessory Not Supported Issue on iPhone

How to fix this accessory not supported issue on iphone

iPad ve iPhone’da this accessory is not supported In our article, we explain the reasons for warnings like this and how to solve this problem.

This accessory is not supported The problem occurs because the accessory (such as charger, headset) connected to the device is not compatible with the device (non-original accessory) or there is a problem that prevents the accessory from working.

How to fix This Accessory Is Not Supported?

This accessory is not supported the problem;

  • By updating the IOS,
  • By checking the connection ports and cables,
  • or you can fix it by providing accessory compatibility.

Update your IOS version in the first place to eliminate this error. Some accessories are set to work with the latest IOS version.

iPhone updateYou can easily connect it to a computer wirelessly or via iTunes. If you don’t know how to update iPhone from our article here you can get help.

Check the accessory sockets and cables. See if the warning disappears by disconnecting and reconnecting the accessory. If the error message still appears, check the connectors on the accessory and your device for damage or debris. If necessary, gently clean debris and connectors from your device.

Finally, see if the accessory is compatible with iPhone.

Whether manufactured by Apple or manufactured by a third-party company; Not every accessory will work with every iPhone model. Some accessories only work with certain models of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you are unsure, contact the manufacturer.

Although there is no attached accessory this accessory is not supported If you see the warning Contact Apple Support at.

Even if you remove the headset from the phone headphone mode won’t turn off and that’s why you can’t make phone calls from the handset take the phone out of headphone mode how to You can learn from our article here.

Last Updated: 31 December 2021

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