How to Increase Computer’s Wi-Fi Power?

How to increase computer's wi fi power?

Mercusys’in MU6H model Wi-Fi adapter, offers solutions to users who do not have Wi-Fi on their computers or who do not have sufficient Wi-Fi power. This product with dual-band support and a high-capacity rotatable antenna increases the Wi-Fi performance of computers.
Wi-Fi adapters are one of the solutions for those who are not satisfied with the Wi-Fi performance of their computer and want to increase both the signal access and the connection speed.

Mercusys’in MU6H

The MU6H model Wi-Fi adapter of the budget-friendly network brand Mercusys®, which can be used by connecting to a computer via USB, draws attention in this category with its affordable price compared to the advantages it provides. Mercusys MU6H has dual band support. It provides users with the opportunity to use both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, allowing them to get maximum performance from their existing Wi-Fi connection. Applications such as online games that require high speed. to the 5 GHz band. Wi-Fi strength is like sending email. Applications that can be done at a slower speed. Then it redirects to the 2.4 GHz band. Thus, network congestion problem is prevented. Using 256-QAM technology, the adapter increases speed performance by 33 percent. The MU6H can reach total wireless speeds of 650 Mbps.

Wider Wi-Fi Signal Area

Mercusys MU6H’s reversible high gain (5 dBi) antenna can reach Wi-Fi signals in a wider area. Therefore, users who have a signal problem when they take their computer at home and go to their room can solve this problem. The antenna on the device can be turned in the desired direction. Wi-Fi power can be moved 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, and the antenna can be adjusted to the most suitable position for stronger signal in different environments.

The installation of the product is also very simple. However, the product, which does not require any CD (for Windows operating systems), connects to the network within seconds when it is plugged into the computer and its internal driver starts to guide the users. The product is easily put into operation by following the instructions on the screen.



How To Fix Weak WiFi Signal On Laptop And Computer
There are several simple and complex methods to help you fix weak WiFi signal on Windows 10 PC.


1 – Update WiFi Driver
If the WiFi Network Driver on your computer is out of date or faulty, it could be causing the whole problem. You can try updating the WiFi driver as the first method to fix WiFi signal on Windows 10 laptop or PC. Follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Press the key. Windows + X keys on your keyboard. From the Win + X menu, click Device Manager.


Step 2: Device Manager will open with list of drivers.

Searching for Network Adapters opens in the driver list. Click on Network Adapters to expand it, then Wireless internet driver. Right click on the WiFi driver and select the Update driver software option.

Step 3: In the Update driver popup, click on it. Automatically search for updated driver software option. Your computer will start searching for an updated version of the WiFi network driver. After a new version is found, the WiFi driver will be updated.


Restart your computer to complete the update process. Fix weak WiFi signal if your driver is already updated to the latest version or not, try the next method on your PC.


2 – Check the WiFi Card for Problems
If you are using a PC, you should give your WiFi network card a check. Sometimes it is the WiFi card that causes problems. If the WiFi card is loosely connected to your computer or if there is dust accumulated on the card and its ports, it can lead to a weak WiFi signal.

Try reconnecting the WiFi card to see if it works. And the old WiFi card could also be the reason why your computer is not getting enough WiFi signal. If you think it is too old, you can replace your computer’s WiFi card.


Not aware of what a WiFi card is or not familiar with your computer hardware? Get help from a PC hardware expert.

3 – Maximize WiFi Adapter Performance to fix weak WiFi signal in Windows 10
Maximizing the performance of the mid-to-max WiFi Adapter can help. The WiFi adapter is set to operate at medium performance.

Step 1: Press windows button and type in Start search bar Power options. Select Power options from the search menu.
Step 2: In the new window that opens, change the plan settings of the power plan you are using.

Step 3: Click on Change advanced power settings.

Step 4 : A new window opens.

Here, look for Wireless Adapter Settings. Click on it to expand. Then expand Power saving mode . If you are on the desktop, you will only see one option named. setting . If you are on a laptop, you will see On battery and Plugged in options. Click on options and click on Maximum performance option

See if this method works to increase WiFi range in Windows 10. If not, try the next method.

4 – Set the WiFi Sensitivity Value to Maximum
You can set your WiFi Sensitivity value to the highest capacity and tweak a few more settings. Boost WiFi signal on laptop or PC working in Windows 10. What you should do:

Step 1: Press Win + X keys on your keyboard. Click Device Manager from the menu.

Step 2: Locate your WiFi driver from the list of device drivers in Device Manager. Right click on it and choose Properties.

Step 3: In the properties window, the advanced tab. There, in the list named Real Estate, look for Roaming Sensitivity Level, Roaming Tendency, or Roaming Aggression. When found, select it and select the Value drop-down list.

Step 4 : Now select from the list: Wi-Fi strength Antenna Diversity option and change its value to Auto .

Step 5: Look for Band Preference or BSS Mode. If you are using a 5G connection, set the value to 802.11a . If you are using a regular 2.4 GHz connection, set the value to 802.11g or 802.11b .
Note: 802.11a value is only available if your WiFi card supports 5G.

Step 6: To apply the settings after changing these values. After that, restart your computer.
See if making these changes helps improve the weak WiFi signal on your Windows 10 computer. If nothing has changed, try the next method.



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