How to Install Windows Package Manager?

Microsoftto make software (application) installation much faster Linux his style package managerNi improves. In this article Windows Package Manager‘ni (Windows Package Manager) We will explain how you can install it.

Linux If you are using it, you can install the software by downloading installers from the web (application – package); however, the more common usage pattern is package manager is to use. Package managerprovides a fast, rapid and easy installation of the software from the command line by writing commands to install the packages (applications – software) you want. There are many repositories you can add, but the process is always the same.

Windows your software downloads PowerShell or Command Prompt a community-powered package repository and a package installerhaving Chocolatey also with WindowsYou can do similar thing in. But Microsoft too, own Windows Package Manager‘ni (Windows Package Manager) is developing and now test – trial versions available.

Request, Windows Package Manager‘ni (Windows Package Manager) what you need to do to try!

What You Should Do Before Starting Installation

Windows Package Manager‘ni (Windows Package Manager) anyone can try but Microsoft Store (Microsoft Store) There are some prerequisites that must be met if you want to gain access and receive automatic updates via.

  • Client (Windows Package Manager), Only Windows 10 version 1709‘u (structure 16299) or above.
  • Windows 10 Insider build Install the (build) version.


How to Install Windows Package Manager Client?

If you meet the above requirements, Windows Package Manager Client (same time winget-cli also known as), Microsoft Store through App Installer It will be distributed via an updated version of the application. Insiders ProgramIf you are registered with, Microsoft Accountof your Microsoft Storetest (Microsoft Store) You need to make sure it is the same as the account you are accessing.

After making these updates, Windows Package Manager ClientYou must have access to and winget You should be able to install packages with.

However, there are alternative methods and Insiders ProgramAlthough we’re in Microsoft StoreUpdated via App Installer we could not get its application. But don’t worry GitHubYou can also install it manually from. This, Microsoft StoreIt is the same version released in, but you will not receive automatic updates; you have to do the updates yourself.

To install manually:

  • Open the downloaded file.
  • To start the installation Update Click the button.

Winget-cli update is preinstalled for you to use on your computer. App Installer will be applied to the application. Winget-cliTo update, it’s a good idea to keep the link to the versions page in your browser’s bookmarks; Whenever a new version is released you need to follow the steps above again.

You have experience in compiling programs from source code, and Visual Studio 2019If you are familiar with, you can also build the application yourself from source code. For more details on this GitHub pageSee.

After the installation is complete, you are ready to receive the packages. Winget-cli old-fashioned to install packages with Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell or newer and updated PowerShell 7You can use.

To verify that the installation was completed without error, use the above mentioned shells (Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell or PowerShell 7) open one and winget –info in summer. If the installation was complete and without errors, you will see some white papers about the version you have installed.

As for the packages, winget-pkgs GitHub deposuat (winget-pkgs GitHub repository)has a fairly large catalog of things you can install or is an excellent third-party (party) package repository winstall.appYou can also try. Basic command you need to know, winget install .

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