How to Make iPhone Warranty Inquiry?

Last updated: December 20, 2020

In this article iPhone serial number by learning iPhone warranty inquiry Apple warranty process and Turkey, will bring clarity to distiribüt Importer guarantee and warranty terms.

2nd hand device for those who prefer Things to consider when buying a second hand phonei and 2nd hand sales contract information about in our article here We have told you before.

For those who will have a second-hand iPhone phone, the warranty period and coverage is very important. The warranty period of the phone must not have expired in order to repair possible malfunctions in the future free of charge.

All of the items you intend to buy from the Apple site Warranty inquiry of Apple productsYou can easily do.

iPhone Warranty Inquiry

iPhone Warranty Inquiry

For warranty inquiry, you first need the serial number of the device.

the serial number of the iPhone; You can find out from Settings> General> About, under “Serial number”

Click here Apple’s “Check Your Service and Support CoverageEnter the page titled ”.

On the page that opens “Enter your serial number“And”Please enter the codeThere are two boxes for which information is requested. As the name suggests, the first part contains the iPhone serial number, and the two parts the security code on the screen.

After entering the required information iPhone warranty status information about Turkish As you will see.

In this chapter;

  • Current purchase date
  • Telephone technical support time
  • Repair and service coverage

Information such as.

Repair and Service Scope from the section of the iPhone until when your guarantee You can see that.

What does that mean to Apple warranty Turkey?

Apple’s officially on the products it sells in Turkey means products that support.

What does Apple Importer warranty mean?

Importer company a reliable technical service across Turkey [[Örn: KVK, Genpa, Telpa, Başarı vb] If agreed, service record and original part replacement service is offered. When the product problem is not solved 3 times, the change is at the initiative of the Importer Company.

What does Apple Distributor warranty mean?

Distributors warranty, is called to guarantee and technical services by commercial companies authorized service officially open the brand of Turkey. Turkey Distributor Guaranteed or guaranteed instruments, creating a potential problem in the least problems users are the most reliable devices.

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