How to Open Whatsapp Crypt12 File?

In this article, WhatsApp database, which is the backup file What is Crypt12, How to open Crypt12 file, WhatsApp crypt12 KeWe will explain how to find y.

Whatsapp automatically backs up Whatsapp correspondence, videos, and sent media to the Google Drive service. Although these backups are not known to most people, crypt12 It is saved on mobile phones with a very unknown extension called.

You can read your backward chats by doing the old Whatsapp chat that he used.

Now What is Crypt12, How to open Crypt12 file, WhatsApp crypt12 KeLet’s see how to find y.

What is the Crypt12 file?

Crypt12 file, SQLite An encrypted and protected store with chat history similar to the database format. WhatsApp Extension.

This file contains an encrypted database of messages sent and received through the application in 256-bit AES format.

How to open Crypt12 file?

WhatsApp Crypt 12 To open the file, first ”keyWe need the file ”, that is, the key.

WhatsApp crypt12 Key /data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key It is located in the directory.

If you are using a Rootusz device, you cannot access this file.

  • here the links WhatsApp crypt12 Key Download the extractor and extract it
  • WhatsAppKeyDBExtract.bat Double click the file named
  • Connect your phone to the computer via USB and open your screen and Full Restore wait until the text comes
  • Enter the restore password (leave blank if not) after the post arrives and Restore efficiency tap
  • Confirm the password part in the file you click on the computer and click ‘extractedCheck the ‘folder.

Key came out this way. Now;

  • From My Files app WhatsApp/Databases go to folder
  • Put the backup file you want to read on the desktop.

Now we need a program to read Whatsapp backup conversations.

  • From here WhatsApp Viewer indirin
  • Extract the file from RAR and run it
  • From top left File, then Decyrpt .crypt12 Click on
  • Database file Select the backup file to the part that says
  • Key where the file says’ExtractedSelect the key file in the ‘folder

How to open crypt12 file, WhatsApp crypt12 Key, WhatsApp Viewer

You can now read your backed WhatsApp conversations from WhatsApp Viewer.

How to open Crypt12 file from phone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to open the Crypt12 file on your phone.

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