How to Stop WhatsApp Backup?

How to stop whatsapp backup?

Android ve iPhone’da How to stop WhatsApp backup, How to turn off WhatsApp from making backups We explain step by step in our article.

WhatsApp continues to automatically back up to Google Drive on Android phones and iCloud on iPhones every day at 02:00 unless you turn it off.

Besides your messages, WhatsApp makes a backup of all media files (photos, videos, GIFs, documents, etc.) you receive via direct messages and groups.

Although many people are satisfied with the automatic backup feature of WhatsApp, sometimes, WhatsApp backup process can get stuck due to the large file size and poor Wi-Fi connection. The warning that Whatsapp backup is stuck can be annoying sometimes.

This prevents users from accessing the application and causes the phone’s battery to drain faster. While backing up everything is very important, sometimes you may want to stop the ongoing WhatsApp backup.

Why does WhatsApp backup get stuck?

Installing WhatsApp backup can be due to multiple reasons such as:

  • Your Wi-Fi is connected to a network but the internet speed is very slow.
  • Your cellular network connection does not have proper access to the internet.
  • You’re backing up a lot of chats, which might take extra time.
  • Your cloud storage has reached its full storage limit.

How to stop WhatsApp backup?

By following the steps below on Android and IOS devices stop whatsapp backupyou can.

How to turn off WhatsApp backup on Android phone

  1. Open the WhatsApp application and enter the Settings menu.
  2. Chats > Chat Backup follow the path.
  3. Auto Backup section and thenQuarterClicking ”.

If you choose to never back up WhatsApp to Google Drive on Android, your chats will be backed up on internal storage by default in the “Databases” folder at 2:00 am every day. So you cannot stop WhatsApp backup on internal storage, but you can manually delete the backup each time.

How to turn off WhatsApp backup on iPhone

  1. Settings > [adınız] > Go to iCloud.
  2. Scroll down and find WhatsApp.
  3. Disable iCloud backup by pressing the button next to it.

How to delete WhatsApp backup?

You can delete your WhatsApp backups by following the instructions below.

Your chat history backup files /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/ is stored in the folder. You cannot open these folders outside of WhatsApp.You must use a file manager to be able to delete these files.

To delete Whatsapp backups:

  • Launch your File Manager application.
  • WhatsApp Tap the folder to view the list containing all WhatsApp subfolders.
  • Databases Press and hold the file.
  • SilSelect .

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