How to Take Clips in a YouTube Video?

How to Take Clips in a YouTube Video?

This article explains how to use the “Clips of YouTube” feature to quickly cut your favorite portion of a YouTube video (live or not) to save it later or share it in a loop.

Take Clips in a YouTube Video

The crop feature is currently available for Android and desktop users via the official YouTube app / website. Coming to iOS in the future.

1-Select “Clip” below the video.

2-Make your choice of clips. Do this by dragging the left and right edges of the blue box to expand or shrink the clip as you see fit. If you are using the desktop site, you can also set it manually by entering the time. To change the clip position without adjusting the duration, drag the entire box.

3. Give the clip a title and then choose “Share Clip”. When you share the clip, it will use this page title, and you will identify it that way later when you access your recorded clips.

4-Select an app or website to share the link, or use the Copy link (Android) or “copy” (desktop) button to manually copy the URL to the clipboard for sharing.

Klipler: YouTube vs Twitch

Twitch is another platform that allows you to cut your favorite part of a video and it is quite similar. It allows you to create clips anywhere from five seconds to 60 seconds and works on both mobile and desktop.

It is equally easy to use: hover your mouse over the video and press the clip icon or tap the screen on the mobile device to find it. Go to “Share on iOS> Create Clip”.

YouTube Clips is relatively new, so it’s not surprising that Twitch offers a few additional features:

See how many people have viewed your clip.

Trigger the clip creation tool with a keyboard shortcut.

-View popular clips from the original video.

-Create clips from the iOS app.

Batch delete your clips.

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