How to Trim Youtube Video?

We can say that it is a large social network that offers Youtube users the opportunity to upload videos and watch videos uploaded by other Youtube users.

Although Youtube contains certain categories during upload, it does not limit the content. On the application, only unlawful shares and blocked, and for some content, there is an obligation to be over 18 years old.

Apart from all these, every video that does not contain copyright infringement can be uploaded to Youtube.

We can trim the beginning, middle or end of our videos from our computer. We don’t need to reload the video to trim it.

The URL of our video, the number of comments and views remain the same. This feature In videos less than 6 hours used.

Let’s examine how to crop our video in this article.

First, let’s open the video editor.

1)Youtube Studio Let’s sign in.

2)Sol from the menu on the side content title Let’s choose.

3) The video we want to edit his name or a thumbnail Let’s choose.

4)Sol from the menu on the panel Regulator Let’s click on the menu.

Trimming the beginning or end of our video;

1) From the screen crop Let’s click on the article that says. In the editor a blue box will come.

2:Mavi holding the sides of the box Let’s drag the part of the video that we want to keep, until it contains.

3)Check the area we choose to be able to play Let’s click the button.

4) Finally Save Let’s click the button.

To extract a part of our video;

1)Crop Let’s click the button.

2)Remove at the beginning of the section we want in the blue box Let’s click.

3)Plenty Let’s click on the option.

4) Appearing white bar clicking on to the end of the section we want to remove Let’s drag it.

5) To check our transactions play Let’s click the button.

6) Finally Save Let’s click the button.

NOT: To save our changed video to our channel Other Let’s click on the menu that says and as new save button Let’s click.

To remove the changes in the draft other Click on the menu that says return to original Let’s click the button.

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