How to Turn Off Instagram Suggested Posts in 2 Steps?

How to turn off instagram suggested posts in 2 steps?

Instagram suggested posts When you open Instagram, it shows the newest shares of the accounts you follow on the home page and the suggested shares from other accounts like these accounts.

Through suggested posts, Instagram helps you discover something new.

Instagram suggested postsI; It is determined by your account activities, connections, account interactions. Suggested posts usually appear in your feed after the most recent posts from people you follow.

In fact, suggested Instagram posts on the Timeline are a useful thing to broaden their interests, but they can be very distracting and frustrating at times.

Suggested posts you see in the feed You can block it if you wish.

How to turn off Instagram suggested posts?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable or hide the entire suggested posts feature or section on Instagram.

But you can hide these content by telling Instagram that you don’t like it and you can make it appear less in the future.

  • A suggestion you come across on Instagram is located in the upper right corner. three points Press the icon.
  • From the opened window I am not interested Tap .

The transaction will be completed.

You can view a suggested post above the post. X You can also hide it by tapping the icon.

With this action, until Instagram provides a way for users to disable or hide suggested posts permanently, this will help reduce the number of uninteresting posts you see in your feed.

Sometimes you can see the posts made a few days ago in the streaming section. Instagram thisshared by people you follow shipments or recommended shipments It does this to make sure you don’t miss out.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram suggested posts

What are Instagram suggested posts?

When you open Instagram, you can see the most recent posts of the accounts you follow in the home page stream and the suggested posts from other accounts like these accounts.

How does Instagram determine suggested posts?

Instagram determines suggested posts based on your account activity, connections, and interactions.

Why is Instagram showing old posts?

Sometimes you can see the posts made a few days ago in the streaming section. Instagram does this to make sure you don’t miss out on posts shared by people you follow or suggested posts.

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